The food fight

The cottage we rented for years in Laguna Beach.

Did you see the news about a food fight at a baseball game? It was the Phillies “dollar dog night” that got totally out of hand with hot dogs thrown throughout the stadium. When I saw that, I flashed on a memory from when my kids were young.

One of the great things we did for our children was sign them up for Junior Lifeguards in Laguna Beach in the summer. It was quite a project. Laguna residents got to sign up first. It was fierce competition to get a spot. I’d drive down the night before registration opened for non-residents and stay in a hotel. Once I took my daughter with me. We got up at 5 a.m. and sat in front of the parks and rec building in beach chairs and sleeping bags. We were about fourth in line.

The line grew long by 8 a.m. and people walking by said “Woah! What concert are you waiting to buy tickets for?”

My son is in the second row to the bottom, third from right.

At Junior Guards the kids would run on the beach, learn about the different beaches and coves, swim through the blow hole and out in the ocean. They had all sorts of competitive games they’d play on the beach, too. They’d be exhausted when I’d pick them up at the end of the day.

The final day of Junior Guards was a picnic at Heisler Park. We’d all contribute something for the feast. I was shocked to find out the picnic ended in a free-for-all food fight! It was a disaster with the kids in their white Junior Guard t-shirts smeared with mustard, ketchup and potato salad. The park was a disaster!

Needless to say, I was not happy that my kids participated in it. But talk about chagrin! My son informed me my adorable young perfect daughter started it!

My hoodlum daughter is in the second row to the bottom with a big braid over her shoulder. My son is two rows directly above her.

What have your children done that surprised you — good or bad?

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  1. So much fun…thanks for the story and the pics! Your daughter’s lovely braid reminded me of why our daughter was a flop at soccer….she’d pause, mid-field, in the middle of a game…to braid other girls’ hair. We learned pretty quickly that team sports were not ‘her thing’. 🤣

    • That is so funny about your daughter braiding other girls’ hair during a game. In tee ball, our son would sit in the dirt as shortstop digging and making castles as the balls rolled by.

      • Oh my goodness…similar, similar! I love that imagery of your son doing his own thing. That was our daughter…VERY aware that a game was in progress, but clear about her own priorities. Funny…she’s the same way now…when she’s inspired, she’s inspired! Thanks for the fun post and morning memories, Elizabeth! 🥰

      • Oh…I hear you about that…but I also know from things you’ve shared, he’s pretty darn brilliant, too. Maybe we love the fact that our kids do their own thing, in their own way. It’s easier now than it was then…at least for me. 🥰

  2. Oh my EA- lots of things: rappelled down buildings, biked to and from work from Green Lake area to Bellevue for work, contemplating at least 4 different career choices at 3 different colleges… Even as adults they continue to do things that make me say WHAT!?

    • Green Lake to Bellevue?! Wow! My daughter surprised me because she was a rule follower. They do continually surprise us with their choices that are different than ours!

      • Yes, when they go completely out of character it is shocking 🙂 My son was the biker when they lived in Seattle and he worked in Bellevue. Pretty eco friendly guy and pretty frugal as well so he just rode across the 520 bridge even in the winter most of the time. Crazy if you ask me 😉

      • I didn’t know he was doing it regularly- and he did have a few moments that even he described as “close calls” but those were coming on and off the bridge. The pedestrian lane is pretty well protected.

  3. Oh, that is funny! Our kids love to surprise us don’t they!
    My son sky dived and now he wants to do it again and my daughter wants to go with him which totally shocks me!! Itsy son who is typically the daring one! They want to go bungee jumping too. Not me!!

    • My daughter wasn’t one to start a food fight! That’s for sure. My brother sky dived in college which shocked me! Amazing what people do that we do not expect!

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