It’s a stretch

Olive posing on the casita sofa.

I feel like there is more I need to do for me. A popular term for it is “self care.”

I try to eat right. I take vitamins. I walk seven days a week. I swim. I pray.

But I feel like I’m missing something. Why am I so tired all the time? Why do my knees, hands and feet hurt? Yes I’m getting older. That’s probably why. Arthritis is settling in my joints.

Something else dawned on me. Somewhere along the line, I forgot about stretching.

I used to be religious about my morning stretches and crunches. Then for some unknown reason, I stopped.

I used to take a stretch class followed by ballet. I incorporated the stretches and crunches into my daily life for decades. I think I stopped because I get busy wanting to start my day after my morning walk. Also, it’s harder to get down on the floor than it was years ago!

I need to start stretching again. Visiting my mother and seeing her in skilled nursing because her body is giving out on her has motivated me to “Use it and not lose it.”

Do you have any healthy habits you want to incorporate into your life? What are things you start and stop for no significant reason?

32 thoughts on “It’s a stretch

  1. I only walk. And that too has just started after my surgery, to help me heal fast. You should have enough sleep, nourishing diet and vitamins. One thing that most people ignore is Vitamin D!

  2. I’m currently on a hormone blocker, and the immediate side effects are joint pain and fatigue. I’m no doctor, but I’m blaming the hormones (or lack of). Oh, and I’m on extra Calcium and Vitamin D, too. And sugar is a culprit for fatigue, so I’m trying to reduce mine (which includes the way our bodies process carbs and alcohol).

  3. I try to be realistic. I have to be responsible for the fact that I’ve often placed more wear and tear on my body than I should, so I remind myself of my limitations often, even when I want to believe I can still renovate an entire garden alone, or hike a mountain! Refined sugars do no one any good so those are gone. I eat mostly vegetarian and plant based 95% of the time. I see so many people that rely on medications for so many various conditions instead of making lifestyle changes. Is it really easier to take pill after pill? Those decisions certainly are a choice.

    • Good for you for being plant based 95% of the time. I tried that last year and didn’t last. I crave animal proteins. I try to limit sugar and carbs but I can do better. Thankfully, I’m not on any medications except for vitamins. I agree with you that the pills are covering up the underlying problems.

  4. I’m 83, take vitamin D and Glucosamine Chondroitin (half a dose) and eat healthily and exercise over an hour a day streaming interesting videos. No prescribed medicines. I do any stretching standing up so I can see the TV and keep interested. I also stand on my jogging trampoline when I use my desktop computer so I can move my body.
    My main job now is to keep as happy and healthy as I can so my daughter doesn’t have to worry about me. Exercise is a big part of both of those. I don’t have nearly the energy I had years ago, but I wouldn’t want to be any younger, I would have to give up too much.

    • That is amazing! Staying active is key. My dad is 90 and he does exercises every day so he can golf. I stretched today and realize I’ve lost a lot of flexibility. I need to get back into the habit.

  5. It’s time for me to curb the carbs, especially the sugar. I used to be better about exercise and am finding it difficult to re-engage. Bad time of year to make changes!

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