A few random thoughts

sunrise in the desert
Sunrise view from our backyard.

I turned off the ads.

Did you notice the difference? I turned off the ads on my blog. At one time, years ago, I thought I could make money blogging. So far that is not the case. Blogging is a creative release to express my personal thoughts and feelings. When I first turned on the ads, a blogger told me it interfered with her loading my blog. She said she enjoyed my writing but was no longer going to follow me because of ads.

That should have been my first clue to end the ads.

WordPress help is helpful! I entered a chat box because I couldn’t figure out where or how to control the ads. Within a minute I was given a link to make the change.

I get really upset when my kids get in a fight with me or my husband.

We’ve had a few unpleasant conversations with our kids lately. One was yesterday and it really tears me apart. I feel like a failure as a parent and everything I tried to instill in my kids is for naught. I was surprised to get a phone call this morning with an apology. I’m grateful for that.

It’s hard to go to the pool when the weather is cold.

I’m making myself go at least two days a week. But when it’s dropping to the low 40s it’s hard! I don’t want to get in my bathing suit let alone get in the pool. I do feel better when it’s over. I reward myself with a long hot shower!

I swam yesterday and I never warmed up. I was chilled. Usually the hardest part is getting in or out of the pool than after a few laps you feel warm. My face and arms felt cold the entire time I swam.

Do you have ads on your blog? Why or why not? Would you stop following a blog because of ads?

15 thoughts on “A few random thoughts

  1. I’m clueless about ads. I use the free WordPress, so they do appear on my blog, but I don’t make money from them. I also just kinda skip around them on other people’s blogs. I don’t think I ever noticed yours. I do most of my reading in WordPress reader, so I don’t know if they show up there. I can only think of 1 blog I read, where I notice the ads, even on reader.

  2. I honestly don’t know if I have ads. I do everything in reader so I’m never bothered by them. I would not stop reading because of them…what does annoy me is if I have to click to get the whole post…😆

  3. Only one that makes money on ads is WordPress. Everyone eventually has ads on their sight, even those that choose the free version. It is part of the disclosure, I think on page 1007 (b), way at the bottom in font size 4 under the trademark logo.

  4. I have a plan where they leave my blog ad free. For a while I subscribed to word-ads and In about a year I earned $ 35. Then I moved to Pakistan where we don’t have PayPal so I had to discontinue that.

  5. I almost always view in Reader so no ads show up in that format. I think they would have to be super annoying or of a viewpoint that I totally disagree with for me to leave a blog though.

  6. I’m sorry someone unfollowed you due to something insignificant like advertisements. The issue is with them, not your blog. I never even noticed your ads.

    In general, I encourage bloggers who want to make money to do so. The more advertisements there are, the better. 💕

  7. I’m glad you turned them off. I find them annoying, and many are just downright gross! I pay to not have ads and always will. I haven’t unfollowed anyone because of ads, but will tend to read them in Reader and not click through to the site (loses the formatting). I’ve seen more people letting ads run lately who used to not have them. Bums me a bit. But not the biggest deal in my life!!

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