Have you heard of “Quiet Quit?”

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With more and more employees being called back to the office, jealousy is bubbling up in the workforce.

Companies are pleading with employees to come back to the office and are plying them with goodies like gift cards, swag and cash bonuses. I read that this is not sitting well with the employees who worked in the office throughout the pandemic.

If they are truly upset, they may “quiet quit.” I’ve seen the term before, but didn’t know what it meant. Today I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that explained it called “These Workers Were the Bosses’ Favorites. Now They Feel Jilted by Callum Borchers.

What’s waiting for people heading back to the office after Labor Day? Jealous looks from the underappreciated colleagues who returned long ago

“Tension is a real risk with this group,” says Kristie Rogers, an associate professor of management at Marquette University. “If we’re not paying attention to those who have been around a while, making sure that their efforts were valued and continue to be valued, there could be some division that undermines the purpose of bringing people back in the first place.”

She adds workers who believe their in-person contributions are not sufficiently rewarded may quit or “quiet quit,” staying in a job but doing only the bare minimum. 

Keeping everyone satisfied is especially difficult since many workers feel empowered to resist office callbacks and expect new perks in exchange for showing up. Those who’ve long been working in person can hardly be blamed for resenting the incentives—why weren’t they offered sooner?—even though the benefits are available to all.


It sounds like a mess to me. Jealousy in the workplace is awful. I should know. I was jealous in my 20s. I found out that a new hire was making much more than what I was paid. Yet, I had experience, a college degree and more responsibility. I didn’t “quiet quit.” I QUIT!

Then, I was on the other side. When I worked with my husband in financial services, I would leave earlier than others to pick up our kids from school and get them to swim practice. I was on the receiving end of dirty looks. But it was the deal we had.

Have you ever experienced jealousy at work?

What are your thoughts about quiet quitting? Have you ever worked with someone who did the bare minimum?

What do you think about working remotely versus showing up in the office?

18 thoughts on “Have you heard of “Quiet Quit?”

  1. I’ve never worked in a career path that could be done remotely, but I have experienced the work jealousy concept from both sides. I’m a very responsible person and tend to have the same expectations of coworkers. I don’t like it when they take advantage of the fact that I will pick up the slack for them. I’ve also tried the whole “do less and let the boss see who’s really working here” thing…and come away with the realizations that my bosses shouldn’t be in charge! Now I don’t have to think about any of it. I like being in this thing called retirement!

  2. I didn’t quiet quit. I just quit. My old boss “retired in place” for a while. She didn’t want to be there and didn’t want to work so she just sat in her office and took credit for everyone’s work.

  3. “Quiet Quit” is for the snowflake generation. Although I agree they are getting the shaft, they would do better to just quit. If they are good at their job, then they will be reemployed quickly. As for me? I usually went with “Quiet Quits” pragmatic brother and chose to just quit in a “Quiet Riot”. Bang your Head!

    • I was raised to believe that you always did the best job you could do. And I was proud of my work. I guess those standards have gone by the wayside. Although I see my kids work hard. If they don’t like their job, they find a new one.

  4. I just read an alternate view in the NY Post: the quiet fire. The new generation does enough to not get fired and then they move on or forward. They do not seem to have the same conscience as us.

  5. Totally experienced jealousy at work. Human nature.
    I think people should work, especially if they don’t have a trust fund. If we all stop working, who will pay the taxes to support us? Is the goal for Amazon and Microsoft to just exist on their own by robot?

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