Kitty soup

cat in a cat carrier
Olive waiting for the vet. Not a happy camper.

I realized how much the cat adds to our daily lives when she hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days.

Olive refused to eat over the weekend and didn’t use the litter box. She spent most of the time under the bed in the dark.

I tried to tempt her with Friskies ‘Lil Soup. When I call “Kitty soup!” Olive usually runs to me and answers with a “Meow-oup!”

But to no avail. She wasn’t having any of it.

The vet pumped her up with fluids and meds, did blood work, took X-rays. They aren’t sure what is causing her discomfort, but hopefully the treatment will make her feel better. He said she has “obstipation” which is a new word I learned. It’s chronic or severe constipation.

I want Olive to get back to our routine, where she hangs out in my husband’s office in the mornings, sits on my lap in the afternoon while I read. She enjoys a good game of chase around the coffee table and sofa in the living room.

The vet discovered she has a gallstone that’s quite large with a piece broken off that’s moved into the bile duct. He’s not sure if that’s what causing her discomfort or not. He said it could have been there for years — or not.

Here’s the X-ray:

X-ray of cat's gallstone
The gallstone is the white spotty thing to the left and the small piece to the right and slightly higher.

Naturally, I had to research gallstones and what causes them. One cause is high cholesterol. Another is too much bilirubin. I’m worried about the results of her blood work. The liver could be causing the issues. Not good.

Have you had pets? How do they add to your lives?

28 thoughts on “Kitty soup

  1. I’ve had dogs mostly throughout life, and also some cats as well that adopted my family at various times. I’m much more of a dog person I think, but have had some sweet kitties who have added to the ups and downs of being a pet parent. No pets currently allowed where I live, but I still often yearn for the companionship they provide. Hope your Olive feels better soon.

  2. I hope Olive is OK. Cats really know how to slow down and relax even more than usual when not feeling well. This can aid their recovery quite nicely.

    I basically grew up in a zoo; we were surrounded by all types of pets on and off, from dogs to cats to fish, frogs, rabbits, hermit crabs, and 5 large parrots, at various times. My wife and I have been house sitting for the past 8 years. We take care of pets all over the globe. I love animals. Pets we have owned and care for during sits feel like family to me.

  3. I would be devastated if this happened to my cat. I understand how you feel and I truly hope she gets better soon and that you’re able to figure out what the issue is exactly.

    • The vet called and said he thinks it’s the gallstones blocking the bile duct and interfering with the intestines. He is researching if there is medical treatment versus surgery. Thank you for your concern!

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