What I miss about California

Huevos Rancheros

“Let’s go out for Mexican food for breakfast,” my husband suggested yesterday.

I had heard about a good Mexican restaurant in Phoenix from a neighbor. But it was a good 45 minute drive. Seemed a bit much to drive an hour and a half round trip for breakfast.

We talked it over and decided to try something close to home. I looked up all the Mexican restaurants in the area and only one had huevos ranchero (which I order) and machaca (my husband’s order.)

I called and the phone rang and rang. I looked online and saw you could order for pickup. I placed the order and my husband drove to pick it up.

He came back empty-handed and said the restaurant was closed. In the meantime, our daughter had called and I told her we couldn’t find good Mexican food around us.

“Don’t you have a Filiberto’s?” she asked.

She lived in Tempe for one year and had one around the corner from her house.

I found one 15 miles away from us. I called and called. They didn’t answer the phone. We decided to drive and place our order. We didn’t care to eat inside because it smelled funny to us. By the time we got home with our breakfast, more than and hour and a half had passed. We could have driven to the place in Phoenix!

In California we had great Mexican food everywhere. My favorite was El Gallito. I miss it. It closed a few years before we moved. There were many small mom and pop Mexican restaurants and we found several we’d go to all the time after our El Gallito days were over.

I wrote about El Gallito and comfort food HERE.

The breakfast was good, but not great. The eggs, beans and rice were good, but there was no sauce. I’ve never had “dry” huevos rancheros before.

I think we could make a fortune opening a Mexican restaurant in our area.

What’s your go to comfort food? Do you have good Mexican food where you live? What are the best restaurants in your area?

22 thoughts on “What I miss about California

  1. We have many Hispanic options (see, we can be inclusive here since we also have Cubans), and we have our favorites, but to answer your question, a good Lasagna is my go to comfort food. The kind that is stacked, firm, and loaded with Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, zesty sauce, and just a little brown on top.

  2. We are surrounded by delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. We reside in a largely Mexican neighborhood, so we are really fortunate to have so many wonderful dining options. Surprisingly, I’ve never had breakfast! You have inspired me. 🙂

  3. Comfort food for me is cheeseburgers, with Ramen a close second. We used to have a bunch of taco joints, but most closed. We have some higher end Mexican that are quite good though

  4. Warm bread and real, ice cold butter to spread on it. That goes back to childhood and is one of a limited number of nice memories for me.

  5. Love Mexican food and Italian. We have Montezuma”s close by. Our favorite restaurant. Awesome salsa!
    Chipotle is our favorite Mexican fast food restaurant

  6. This is one of the tough aspects of being completely nomadic. In one sense we enjoy new adventures frequently but also leave great restaurants and grocery stores behind. I imagine the Mexican in Cali was sensational. We have spent 3 months now in our native NJ – leaving in a few days – and the Mexican is likely on par because tens of thousands of Mexican Americans moved to Northern NJ, it seems, over the prior 5-10 years. Beautiful melting pot with ample Central American folks calling NJ home now.

    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. What an adventure! I guess next time just drive to Phoenix. My go to comfort food is McDonald chicken burger with fries and coke. I don’t think I’ve ever had Mexican food before. I don’t really like spices much.

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