Do vacations motivate you?

When we moved in the closet was perfect.

Vacation motivated me to clean out my closet. Seriously, every time I come home from a trip I want to throw things out. It’s because I manage to live with very few things on vacation. I love the lack of clutter and stuff. I manage to pack just what I need and live quite well without anything extra.

I decided to make a promise to myself this week. One shelf or drawer per day. That’s it. It’s doable. Like my husband says, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

What happened on day one was I did two shelves — one shelf led to another. On day two I did the entire dresser. Today I am doing the hanging clothes. It will be done before the week is over. I’m surprised at some of the clothes I moved. I wonder why I didn’t throw more out at that point? I think it was because I got exhausted with all the decision making of moving from a house of 28 years.

I feel better. I feel more organized, lighter. However my husband said he can’t tell any difference. Thanks a lot.

What motivates you to clean closets? How do vacations motivate you?

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  1. Omg I don’t need motivation…I love cleaning out drawers. It’s my stress relief. Vacations motivate me to go on more vacations…😆

      • I get that. We have so much more room in our new house that I have empty cabinets in the kitchen. It stays really neat. But my closet got totally out of hand.

      • Do it quarterly. Also, try grouping by like item. Pile all your short sleeve shirts together, sleeveless etc. then take that pile to another room. Lay them out. Decide if you really need that many of that item. Puts it in perspective. I also like the hanger trick…when you redo your closet, hang things with hanger going opposite way. At end of quarter, anythung you haven’t worn will be apparent. If it’s not an item needed for a specific purpose, makes it easy to consider if you still want it

      • Those are some good tips! I will give them a try. There is one fancy dress that I wore for a special event seven years ago. I was putting it in the pile for the thrift shop and my husband said, “That’s a really nice dress. I think you should keep it in case we have some dressy occasion.” Ugh. Seven years, worn once. I don’t foresee any fancy nights out in my future.

      • Try it on. If you still 100% love it and would buy it again, save it. If not…ditch it. FYI…give me a storage problem and I’ll probably have some sort of tip

  2. Our closet would make a Drill Sergeant proud, so no motivation needed. Our hangers are color coordinated, evenly spaced to keep clothes from touching each other, like clothes are together, and heaven freaks me out if there is an empty hanger! It drives cupcake nuts, but it eliminates 1) wrinkles and 2) wasted time looking for a particular item (because the damn thing is right where it should be, on the left, on a gray velvet hanger with the other items that are just like it).

    • I will have to incorporate your method with the hanging clothes. That sounds amazing. I hate digging through clothes smooshed together when you can’t see what’s what.

  3. I clean out, toss, rearrange, organize- pick a verb- all the time! I also agree with LA- going on vacation only makes me want to turn around and go again.

    • That’s so good. I rarely go through things, but always think I need to. Yes, we have another vacation planned and I’m ready to go. We try to get out of the desert heat in the summer as much as we can.

  4. Well in my mind cleaning and organizing are two separate things. I can organize anytime and love to do it. Cleaning is a different story! Vacations motivate me to do neither. Not being able to find what I want when I know I have it motivates me.

    • I agree cleaning and organizing are two different things. I found myself wearing four t-shirt repeatedly because they were at the top of my drawer. I was pleasantly surprised to find tshirts I completely forgot about!

  5. I’m with LA….vacations motivate me to come home and plan the next one! Of course, I need to “round out” my vacay wardrobe each time so I think I probably should clean out my closets and drawers to allow for those new things! 😜

    • We have our next vacation planned already! We like to escape the heat in the summer, so we have several getaways planned. Then we’ll stay put when the weather cools.

  6. My husband’s method keeps me organized, mostly except when I am in a rush to get things done and I have to think-now what color hanger do the pants for working in the garden go on….what about the other pants, etc, for work and going out? But it works, mostly.

  7. I don’t need a vacation. I’m always trying to reduce clutter. My clothes are the easiest. My office and accumulated papers and books are a challenge!

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