It’s a struggle

book cover of "The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post by Allison Pataki
Book club selection for July.

I’m trying to be open-minded about book club. I joined wanting to meet people in my neighborhood. Plus, I had never been in a book club before. Several of my friends from Palm Springs were in book clubs and they tried to get me to join. I always shied away for various reasons — not enough time, not wanting to be assigned a book, wanting to read what I want on my own schedule…

You can read about my first impressions of book club HERE.

I got an email yesterday from the woman who is hosting July’s book club. She asked which date next week would be good for “The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post,” by Allison Pataki.

Yikes. This is the first time I heard the title. I’m thinking I missed an email with the book selection — or she announced the title at the last meeting which I didn’t attend due to vacation. Or, the entire book club is getting one week’s notice to order and read the book.

I’ve ordered it from Amazon. I’m going to give it my best effort because it does look like a book I’d enjoy. I also downloaded it to Audible. It’s a little over 14 hours long. But once again I’m struggling with book club and wondering if it’s more annoying than fun?

Have you read “The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post?” How much time do you think book club should give people to read a book? How does your book club work with book selections?

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  1. I think a month is fair for time to read book. My building book club rotates…there are 6 of us, and we each get assigned two months in the year. We pick and lead discussion. My alumni book club is more slapdash. At the end of the meeting, a few people will throw out titles and then we schedule the titles 3 months in advance (I know what I’m reading in sept and oct) my tea book club meets 6 times a year. In November we all submit titles (books must feature tea in some way) and the we vote. The six titles with most votes win, so I know the entire years worth of reading

      • While I can read a book in a week, I don’t always like to…especially with a book club book which requires thought, and frankly isn’t always a page turner. My tea book club is a history of the tea trade book…glad I have two months to read 225 pages because all I can do is about 5 pages a day…

      • That book sounds like a lot to handle. I would like to have more time too. It doesn’t seem that difficult to plan for it.

  2. I did not like having deadlines for a book club although for the short time (Over the summer), the book club did introduce me to new books and authors I was not aware of and new restaurants and a few new life stories which were interesting.

  3. I think a blogger I follow read this book and found it interesting. So, hopefully, that offers you some optimism.
    This is precisely why I would struggle in a book club. I take a long time to read a book, therefore I would struggle under pressure. I should join a neurodivergent book club.

    • We’re supposed to get a month to read a book. But the schedule got messed up because of COVID. Then I was on vacation at the last meeting. I’m pretty sure they announced the book then.

  4. A book club sounds like a romantic idea to me. I’ve always wanted to,but never joined. Time constraints and reading what I want to in whatever timeframe I can manage are my main reasons. If I only had a week, I’d skip.

  5. While I like the idea of a book club, I’m not sure I want to feel forced to read a book that I would normally never choose. I get that expanding on one’s normal choices is a part of the whole process but it feels a lot like college Lit courses and analysis all over again!

  6. I belong to a book club with my daughters, sister-in-law, nieces, and a few friends. We select the book a month in advance (everyone gets a turn) and then we join a Zoom room in the early evening so the east coast people can participate and discuss. Wine is involved. It’s a lot of fun but I have to say our focus is not always on the book! My advice is life is short, do things that give you pleasure, comfort, and joy. If it’s a pain just pull out and invite them over for an evening grill! Might be more fun. Hugs, C

      • It is a great way to meet people but now that you’ve met them you could always make suggestions as to how it might work a little better. For example, having an email go out to all the members at the beginning of the month listing the book, date of meeting, and maybe even some discussion questions?

  7. My book club has a list months in advance that I can check online to see which book is coming up. I find I read books I wouldn’t normally and it does broaden my mind. Plus there is the advantage of meeting new people. With such a short timeTo read this months book I would just Google a synopsis of it and read that. Then you can be more of an observer at the first meeting.

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