Too much stuff

This is stuff I’m lining up for my husband to pack in the car. Missing in the photo are our two suitcases, mesh swim bags, laptop computers and all my husband’s work monitors and computers.

Just a bit of the stuff we’re taking on vacation. I miss the days when we first got married. We’d throw our sleeping bags in the car and take off.

Now we bring half the kitchen with us. That includes our small Keurig because hubby drinks decaf and I like caf. A pot of coffee doesn’t work for us and we both like just one cup each.

One of the biggest things taking up space is vitamins. We are hefty consumers of anything that promises a return to youth and the end to pain.

I also take fruit, a cooler full of condiments, frozen steak and chicken to cook in the airbnb — and sandwiches for the road. Cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine. I have to take a jug or two of water. We are traveling through the desert.

Then there’s the swim gear, hiking sticks, hiking boots, hats, sunscreen etc.

My husband likes his own pillows. So why not take four?

The computer is packed, so I’m trying to write this on my phone.

When you travel do you pack light or full on Clampetts like us?

24 thoughts on “Too much stuff

    • That’s exactly how we operate, too. I find at most Airbnbs they leave you one or two rolls of tp and a partial roll of paper towel. So I bring my own!

  1. Not at all if you’re staying in an airbnb and driving there. It’s your car, put in whatever you like. I have a huge clothing issue no matter where I’m going or what sort of transport. I literally repacked multiple times prior to Colorado, even as close as 30 minutes before my ride to the airport.

  2. Definitely depends on where we are going. When we were staying at the villas in Boulder Creek, CA for the golf tournament I packed stuff from home for that reason, no need to buy coffee and snacks in a resort town. I like to take my own towels too because the towels they had were never big enough for me.

    • I pack light when traveling by air. When we go by car, my husband works remotely so his equipment takes so much space. When we rented a beach house when the kids were young it took hundreds and hundreds of dollars to set it up with the essentials including salt, pepper, paper goods, cleaning products, etc. I learned through the years.

  3. I need to write a blog about this one day-my mom was the sort of person who travelled from the Catskills to Manhattan for a week with a large pocketbook, en route to her mom’s apt. I try to follow her closely, her style but get side tracked but the husband is of the same breed as mom was. Enjoy your holiday. We are having fun seeing the sights in St. Petersburgh, Fl and entertaining the husband’s brother. It is getting us out of the house and around!

  4. I go from my house to the lake house and bring just as much although we have duplicates at both houses. What’s that about? I still need my favorite outfits, tons of supplies, and what not. It’s crazy. Enjoy your holiday! Hugs, C

    • Definitely. We tried an RV for a while. Neither one of us liked to drive it, so we left it in the mountains at Big Bear Lake June through August and drove back and forth from Palm Springs on weekends the last few years we lived in CA. We sold it rather than drive it to AZ and pay for storage.

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