Who knew “Little Hollywood” is in Utah?

Kanab Utah Little Hollywood sign.
The Little Hollywood sign in Kanab, Utah.

As soon as we crossed the border to Utah, a loud crack hit the windshield right at my head.
“Welcome to Utah,” Siri announced from Apple maps. Large trucks barreled by us throwing up rocks in their path.

Last time we drove home from Utah our windshield got cracked due to big trucks. We’re two for two on Utah and windshields.

We left our Sonoran desert, crossed the green forest of Flagstaff, passed by the Grand Canyon’s south and north rims across Navajo Country to Lake Powell. Once in Utah (with the cracked windshield) we drove the final one hour leg of the journey to Kanab, Utah to spend the night.

It was an adorable town of 4,998 people filled with mom and pop motels where you pull your car up to the room’s front door. The woman at the motel desk told us the town’s best restaurant was next door, “The Rocking V Cafe.” Dinner was both delicious and affordable.

Rocking V Cafe in Kanab Utah
The Rocking V Cafe at the end of the block.

We walked around town and discovered why Kanab is known as “Little Hollywood.” My husband said, “This looks like where Westerns were filmed.”

Plaque in Kanab for the Lone Ranger.
Along our walk we noticed many plaques like The Lone Ranger one above. My brother and I used to play The Lone Ranger and Tonto when we were kids. I was always Tonto of course. It was in the 1960s, so we must have been watching reruns.
Randolph Scott plaque in Kanab.
Another one of the many plaques honoring the celebrities who made movies in Kanab.
Residential street in Kanab with red rocks.
A view of a residential street in Kanab. The town was friendly, safe and I felt like I time warped to the 1960s.
Church bells in the morning in Kanab.

What sights traveling have you enjoyed? What things were new to you?

What other joys of road trips — besides cracked windshields — have you experienced?

25 thoughts on “Who knew “Little Hollywood” is in Utah?

  1. Sorry about the windshield- I know the feeling but mine always happened on the way to work. It was ridiculous. Kanab looks like a fun little place for a quick stop!

    • I’d hate that on the way to work. It’s so unsettling! Kanab was a nice surprise. It’s a place for people to stay when they visit Bryce and Zion National Parks and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. There are about six other national monuments nearby. We have to go back in cooler weather and stay there and explore all the natural beauty.

  2. Sounds like you need bubble wrap for your windshield next time you go through Utah! My friends just got back from Utah last week. They went to Bryce Canyon, said how amazing it was. Would love to go sometime. Been to the Grand Canyon and loved it!

  3. Omg…so many awesome sights I can’t even begin to tell you!! Luckily…I have a short memory for bad things on road trips…

    • It was stunning scenery and fun to read all the old actors’ plaques around town. We have to go back to enjoy Bruce and Zion National Parks and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument — all nearby.

  4. I loved going to the tip of Florida and the Everglades, also visiting Savanah, Georgia was lovely. A road trip-the more comfortable the car, the easier it is!

    • I agree about that! We went to the Everglades on a trip sponsored by my husband’s business to FL. We also went to an island by boat for collecting shells. It was gorgeous and the water was so warm. I wish I remembered the name. I agree with a comfortable car!

  5. Adding this as a reason to make a stopover in Kanab when I’m back out that way. This place sounds very similar to a place I passed when visiting friends in Tucson. It’s called Old Tucson which I figured just meant it was an old part of town till I asked and got the full explanation.

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