Another life saved

my daughter and Waffles
Waffles the pug with my daughter during a beach vacation.

My kids like to call me when they’re walking. Yesterday, while my daughter was walking Waffles around her neighborhood I heard her say “Oh no!”


She talked softly, “There’s someone laying on the sidewalk. Probably a homeless person.” My daughter explained that they look away from homeless people, that they don’t want to engage them. My kids live in the Bay Area where homelessness is a problem.

“He’s bleeding!” she said. It looked to her like he had slit his wrists. She ended her call with me. Minutes later she called me back and said he was conscious and was trying to get up. I suggested calling the police but she didn’t think they would help. She tried calling some mental health crisis centers, but nobody answered. Apparently crisis hotlines are staffed at night, not in the morning.

She called me again and said she asked if he wanted her to call someone or if should she call 911. He told her to call 911 because he couldn’t get up. She did and asked for the police and an ambulance. She waited with him until they came along with the fire department.

Another life saved by my daughter.

As a lifeguard she saved a drowning young boy. Then one evening in Laguna Beach, she and my husband went for a walk and a swim. She saw two people struggling in a rip tide. It was hours after the lifeguards were off duty. She swam out to them and told them what to do, to stay calm and helped them in. My husband swam out after her and they were able to get the people — who were drunk — safely onshore.

On her way back to the vacation cottage, she spotted the neighbors dog loose. She brought the dog back safely to its yard.

Yes I’m proud of my daughter to have empathy and to be able to help those in need. She said people were walking by ignoring the man. She was the only one who stopped to help.

What would you do if you saw someone who was probably homeless, bleeding on the sidewalk? Do you think you’d try to help? Or more likely walk away? Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do.

21 thoughts on “Another life saved

  1. I think it would depend upon my gut instinct about the situation, that it was legitimate. As for a loose dog, most likely call depending upon the size although we did take in a loose pug and his owner gave him to us. You never know.

    • That’s wonderful about the pug! It was a big golden retriever that we walked by him while on vacation every summer for years. So my daughter was comfortable. I agree it would be gut instinct on the homeless man.

  2. Your daughter did well. It’s really embarrassing to admit I don’t know what I would do. Twenty years ago I would have stopped immediately and probably given first aid without thinking until the pros arrived. Today I would call 911…more than that- I just don’t know.

    • My daughter wanted to ask him once he was conscious if she should call 911. She would have felt awful if he got put in jail for being unconscious on a sidewalk. I think I would have done the same as you.

  3. Call 9-1-1 and pray for his recovery, but then move on. For the most part (with some exceptions), this individual has made shitty decisions their whole life and this is just the final one. Yes, I feel sorry that he reached this stage of his life, but at no point did he consult with me when he was making all those other bad decisions.

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