A few sights around the neighborhood

white blooms of a yucca
Yucca in bloom by our park.

I never grow tired of the desert sights. It’s such a different desert than the manicured lawns, hedges and golf courses of Palm Springs — yet it’s technically the same desert. The Sonoran Desert.

hatched quail eggs
My husband spotted these quail eggs in a planter under a bush. Talk about an effective nest. Now we know where the babies came from.

planter with quail eggs
This is the planter where the quail made a nest! It’s in the side yard right outside where the trash bins are stored.
I’ve been watching this century plant grow.
century plant ready to bloom.
A few weeks later. It’s grown so fast, you can stand still for a few minutes it seems like you can watch it grow.
I wonder if it will bloom?
Sunset in the Desert.
Sunset view with ocotillo.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by. What are your plans for the weekend?

13 thoughts on “A few sights around the neighborhood

  1. The century plant that is down the street from us had those pods on it too but that’s all that happened. They haven’t flowered if that’s what they’re supposed to do. They fall off and they are just black pods. Can’t get over how much it looks like an asparagus spear. Gorgeous sunset. My weekend will be working in the studio, I have another show next weekend.

  2. Reading a good book, some house cleaning and celebrating my end of the year academic year! Still a few classes to take over the summer to help with VE but all is good.

      • Yes, my position was cut though and the Admin wanted to put me in another position and I don’t want it, so I hope to transfer over the summer. I am happy to be rehired but not happy after putting so much work, effort, taking classes to learning a new position to be placed in this position. It was a stressful year with many leaving. I hope next year will be better! Thank you.

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