A disagreement over the cat

pretty kitty
Olive Bear is now an indoor cat.

My husband and I disagree about shaving Olive. She’s a long-haired cat and is shedding like crazy. Our kids are coming to visit us soon. Our son is super allergic. My husband thinks I should take Olive to a groomer and get her a lion cut. That it will help our son’s allergies.

I googled about shaving cats and it’s mostly negative. The sources said you CAN get a cat shaved, but it’s not a great idea.The hair protects cats from heat and cold. Their fur is their natural insulation. Getting shaved is something I know my cat will freak out about.

She’s a scaredy cat and doesn’t like anyone except for me, my husband and my daughter. When people come over, she hides. When we leave for more than a few days, she is boarded. Olive howls the entire few miles drive in the car. She demolished the cardboard carrier I bought at PetSmart with her claws and teeth. The employees in the boarding place were afraid to get her out of her “suite.” when I came to pick her up. I had to do it. Then the cardboard carrier collapsed as I walked to the car. It was a frightening experience for both me and Olive.

So, how do you think Olive will feel driving to a pet groomer, being around strangers and barking dogs to be groomed? Once she gets home I’m sure she’ll hide away for weeks. She’ll be super mad.

I think you can tell who has won the debate on whether or not Olive gets a haircut.

What are your thoughts about getting a cat groomed? Should we or shouldn’t we?

cat walking on window pane
Olive at our old home where she was an indoor outdoor cat.

12 thoughts on “A disagreement over the cat

  1. I would say nay to the haircut. That seems like torture for Olive. Maybe she can just be segregated from your son when he visits? Have him wear a good mask as well. It might help a bit.

  2. Can your son take extra Allergy Meds when he visits? I suggest keeping Olive in one room away from him, if possible. And, I think in her case, NO to the Groomers. Some cats don’t do well.

    • I finally got the HEPA filters for our air purifier. They were on backorder for months due to supply chain issues. I’m going to keep the cat in our room and have the air filter running in the casita. Good idea about more allergy medicine. And I agree my cat would stress out at the groomers.

  3. Groom a cat? All of ours did their own grooming and we had some shedders. I’m glad you won. She would have been super stressed and poor Olive doesn’t need that. I’m sorry about the allergies though. That’s a bummer. Good luck…she’ll probably hide away and nobody will see her…at least that’s what ours did.

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