Busy busy busy

Palm Springs swimming pool with clouds
Where I used to lap swim. My new pool has only three lanes.

Thursday I was stressing about whether I should go to coffee with the women’s coffee club or stay home and work on the newsletter. After all, I had lap swimming in a few hours. This is what I was thinking when I wrote about “saying no” earlier in the week. You can read that post HERE.

I decided to go to coffee after all. I needed to run some errands and the coffee shop we were meeting at was close to the Post Office, hardware and grocery stores.

I met a new person who made me laugh. She’s lived in our neighborhood for seven years, but I’ve never seen her before. She had never gone to coffee club. She didn’t know there was a book club, either.

This woman said she was going to Ireland with her running group to run trails along the coast of Ireland. I asked when.

“In two hours,” she said. “I have one hour until my Uber driver picks me up.”

I laughed out loud and said I was worried about going to coffee AND lap swimming in one day! I’m glad I didn’t wimp out. Now it’s time to squeeze in some work on the newsletter before my swim. FYI, next this new friend told me about her trip climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Would you have coffee with your neighbors before you left for a trip to Ireland? How about swimming and coffee? Why do you think some people only like to have one event scheduled per day and others can do many?

21 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. I often have multiple things scheduled in a day…however…I don’t think I’d be at coffee before a trip abroad…but would depend on time of flight

  2. Yeah, probably not before a flight but otherwise yes, I can multitask. Sometimes I prefer to do things like that together because it gives me an out if I need it.

  3. Yes, I prefer to leave early. Some of the places I have been to in the past required 12 hour flights like going to the UAE or Korea. Kind of reminds me of Friday night after a busy week. I am zonked out and want to sleep. Perhaps short time flights will be in the future-who knows? or taking the train or ship, sounds nice and slow.

  4. I am more of a last minute Lucy, so I wouldn’t have time to have a relaxing cup of coffee before I left for a trip. I’d be packing or trying to squeeze in last minute things before I left for the airport.

  5. I would be way too nervous before a flight to do that (not from flying but from concern that all my travel ducks were in a row). Your new friend sounds really interesting.

    I don’t like too many things scheduled in one day, or even more than one or two a week, although a swim and coffee with friends doesn’t sound too stressful… actually the opposite. What don’t like, now that I’m retired, are deadlines. I write articles for our local town council’s newsletter, but on my schedule, not theirs.

  6. Wow your new friend must be both highly organized and totally chill! I don’t think I could ever do that, especially now that I’m older. I think the closest I got to that was being at a client meeting three hours from home late on a Friday and when the subject of what I was doing on the weekend came up, I told the group I was getting married the next day!

  7. I think it depends on energy levels. I would be too stressed to go out for coffee before traveling. Plus, im more of a 1 outing a week person because my social motor is very low. However, im lucky if I get an outing per year.

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