The Wordle Analogy

Wordle in two!
Texts to my son to share my good Wordles. Funny I don’t share the five or six tries.

My son introduced me to Wordle during one of my recent trips to take care of my adult children. My son had shoulder and foot surgery this year and my daughter had COVID. She needed me to grocery shop, go to the cleaners and take Waffles the pug to the vet when he was throwing up. My son needed help with everything.

Anyway, I first wrote about the game Wordle HERE. When I began playing, I found it really difficult and confusing. Then my son taught me his strategy of having starter words. Now, I never miss (knock on wood.) And sometimes, the starter word is so good that I get the answer in two, like yesterday morning. Woo Hoo!

Once, I decided against using the starter word. Big mistake! The Wordle WAS the starter word. That would have been a hole in one.

You see, my son gave me the Wordle golf analogy. Four is par. Three is birdie. Two is an Eagle. If you’re not a golfer, you may miss the correlation. If you don’t play Wordle — you probably don’t care.

Let me know if you are playing Wordle in the comments. Do you play every day? Did you stop Wordle? Did you move onto another game? If you’ve found another game, please share what it is. I may want to try it.

31 thoughts on “The Wordle Analogy

  1. I still play most of the time, although I’m not having as much fun as I did early on. I’ve been hopping over to the mini crossword puzzle you can find in the pop up menu on the site. Less time commitment than a regular crossword.

  2. Love wordle and quordle – I used to use starter words but that takes the creativity out of it for me so I try finding new ways to include more vowels. Fun way to start the morning 🙂

  3. I do play and always use the same starter word. My daughter and two of her friends included me in a group text where we share our results every day. We also do Quordle, which is 4 puzzles. There are so many now but those are the only 2 that I play daily.

  4. Haha – I’m a non-Wordler – I was going to jump on when it first came out, but I missed the ship. I tend to get obsessed with things like that so it’s probably a good thing 😉

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