Starts and stops

saguaro cactus with a full moom
Full moon view from my backyard. The holes in the saguaro are woodpecker nests.

I find myself starting things like my physical therapy, stretching and crunches — and then just as soon as I get a routine going — I stop. It’s such a natural inclination of mine that it takes me weeks to notice.

Why is that? When I know something is good for me, why do I stop it? With New Year’s a week away, is it possible to make some resolutions that I can stick with?

Is it laziness? Forgetfulness? Too busy? What keeps me from doing things that are good for me?

I do have a positive morning routine I’ve followed for years thanks to “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I religiously write my three morning pages, go for a walk and pray. I should be thankful that I accomplish those things each day.

Do you find yourself starting and stopping on things, too? What have you started and stuck with? What have you stopped?

15 thoughts on “Starts and stops

  1. I was like that but then I had to walk to keep my knees in good shape after they both were replaced. Now I walk religiously, even if it’s not the two hours that I used to do.

  2. I am good at keeping to routines, mostly but sometimes a change is also needed. You can’t count on routines always as life changes and throws new curves. I had a health club nearby that I loved to go to but over the past year they closed the location. So, now I will focus on walking more.

  3. Here is your answer: Shit that is good for you takes 10x the effort than shit bad for you takes. Shit that is good to eat is 10x more expensive and takes 10x the effort to prepare than shit that is bad for you. Liquids? Sure. 30 minutes cutting up green shit, putting it into a blender to make an ugly colored smoothie that cast $9.00 a glass, or 3 seconds to mix a shot of rum with a Coke at a cost of $1.08. See…there is your answer, in a pragmatic sort of way.

  4. I routinely make vision cards at the end of the year and on them I write goals, not resolutions. I keep them in my planner to help remind me where I want to put my focus. If I get one or two things done in each area, I count that as progress. That’s good enough for me and not a lot of pressure.

  5. If I stop something it’s because it just doesn’t work for me. I allow myself to quit things I don’t enjoy…and I don’t mean responsibility things…I throw out the garbage and clean the kitchen even though I hate it…😆

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