Thanksgiving gratitude for family and friends

Santa Barbara sunset
Sunset on Thanksgiving Eve in Santa Barbara several years ago.

I wrote this post about my Thanksgiving several years ago without our kids. Unfortunately, we hardly ever see the children on Thanksgiving anymore. But we do have plans to be together for a week over Christmas. Here’s what I wrote on my first kidless Thanksgiving:

Our first Thanksgiving without our kids. I’m thankful they are with dear friends and their families since they weren’t able to make the trek home this year. Instead of moping around the house feeling sorry about my empty nest, we’re celebrating with our close friends. It was 30 years to the day that I first met them (my husband met the husband through work) and we spent Thanksgiving weekend sailing with them in Santa Barbara.

Here’s to friends and family and creating memories together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Waffles the Ute Pug says Happy Thanksgiving!
My daughter’s team sent out a Thanksgiving message with her pup. The sports marketing team adored him.

Who are you sharing your Thanksgiving with? What traditions do you share with friends and family?

16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving gratitude for family and friends

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Jan and I are very fortunate to have all of our family close by, my Mom, one daughter Kristen and her family with the much loved grandkids, our sisters and nieces’s with grand nephew and nephew. We are truly blessed.

  2. Just us and ,y mom and dad. My daughter and I go to see the thanksgiving day balloons get blown up the day before thanksgiving. So fun!!

  3. It’s interesting to see how Thanksgiving traditions evolve as children grow older. I’m sure your first Thanksgiving without your children was difficult, but I’m sure it never gets easier. But I’m glad you’ll get to see your children over Christmastime.

    This year, I’m looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving with my parents, children, and my brother and his family. We haven’t all been together for Thanksgiving since 2007. 🙂

  4. Spending the day with my wife. I am one of those that does not think visiting and enjoying the family should be restricted to a single day on the Calendar. I can enjoy a visit with family and friends on June 3rd, August 15th, September 24th…..and be just as Thankful as November 25th,

  5. This will be the first year in a long time both my kids and their families will be able to sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner. Even though I am a little laid up with a foot cast, everyone is bringing dinner here and I feel so blessed. Happy Thanksgiving 😊

  6. This year I only have one of my four kids with us but it changes every year and usually we are all together at Christmas. We are celebrating with the large Oreglia clan this year, 22 of us will be gathered around the table, and for sure I will overeat! To a lovely feast no matter were we land, no matter who joins us, and cheers to those who are gathered on the other side! Hugs, C

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