Views from last week

Sunset in Arizona desert
Sunset from our driveway last week.

I am going to have a busy week writing and hosting my dad and friends for Thanksgiving. I get anxious thinking about it. I’m in the thick of getting the house ready. This will be the first time my dad will see our new home and stay with us. Tonight we have friends from our Palm Springs swim team coming over. We agreed to go out for a casual dinner, since I have the big feast ahead of me. I’m excited to see them, because it’s been years since we were swim parents volunteering together. We’re going to the ASU vs. UA football game together on Saturday, too.

For Thanksgiving, I am cooking the whole works for me, my husband and dad. That’s seem a bit much doesn’t it? I called our friends who moved from Palm Springs to one mile away and asked if they had plans. I’m excited to say our ex-pat Californians will be joining us.

Here are some of the highlights from last week, when I thought I was busy — but compared to this week, not really.

Sundial Center in Carefree with a Christmas tree
I spotted a Christmas tree across from the post office on Easy Street in Carefree. I love the name.
Christmas tree in Carefree city center.
cat sitting on fireplace hearth
Olive found a new place to hang out. My daughter absolutely hates the stacked stone fireplace in our new house. I can live with it and Olive seems to like it.
Sonoran desert sunset
Another night, another sunset

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you getting together with friends and family this year? Are you cooking?

I honestly can’t remember what we did last year because we were in escrow to sell one house and buy another and I was packing for my first move in 28 years.

FYI, today I hit this milestone:

NaNoWriMo update. Badge for 40,000 words!

20 thoughts on “Views from last week

  1. We are cooking, for two. No family this year, and we are fine with that. I have to say that Arizona and Florida have a few things in common, and one of those is lack of snow. Sure makes for a little less Christmas atmosphere. Our forecast for Thanksgiving? 80 and sunny. Maybe we should think Luah instead of a table spread?

  2. Fortunately, I’m not in the kitchen. This year, we’ll be visiting my mother and father, as well as my brother and his family. Isn’t it good to have something to look forward to after the last few years?

  3. Gorgeous sky! Great tree. I LOVE THE FIREPLACE. It is one of my biggest misses in this house. We had one in the house we rented but couldn’t find one we liked with one when we were house hunting for this one. I am cooking for our family of 5 plus my mom, assuming the oven which has been sporadically not working, decides to cooperate with me!

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