Sights and sounds from beach walks

I’m feeling very distressed with the news of 12 of our courageous military killed this morning. I am worried about 24 children from San Diego who haven’t been able to get to the airport in Kabul. I wasn’t in the mood to post, but as I’m waiting to hear from the President, I’m looking through the photos and videos on my iphone.

I’m sharing some of the joyful sights I’ve seen the past week. Horses on the beach with a cattle dog herding them with tireless energy. Pelicans flying and floating on waves. A sunset at Carpinteria State Beach. Shore birds hunting for sand crabs in the waves.

Watch the dog herding the horses.
Curlew at the beach
White egret on the shore
Pelicans flying and riding the waves.
sunset at Carpinteria State Beach.
Sunset at Carpinteria State Beach.
Horses and cattle dog in the ocean.
The horses and cattle dog.

10 thoughts on “Sights and sounds from beach walks

  1. Uncle Joe is taking another nap. Well, to be honest, it is a pre-nap, followed by a full on nap that gets him to his 6 PM bedtime. He will go about saving the lives of American Citizens tomorrow after he gets in his morning nap and chastises Congress for not creating a new mandatory bedtime for all Americans, followed by a nap.

  2. I was going to make a comment that is too snide to make in the face of the situation. Probably more than one comment. But as for now I grieve for the lives lost and I grieve for the families.

    • The ocean is my one regret about moving to Arizona. But we made a point of an extended visit this summer. My husband works remotely so we can be anywhere.

      • I get that! I live in CA now, but not near the ocean, so I’m not losing that by moving to AZ. One day, I would love to live by the beach. Tight now, other priorities just take precedence. I will need to be content for awhile with sporadic visits and long gazes at photos :). I am so grateful for your post. 🌊⚓️🐚 Seas the day, my friend! 😉

      • Ha! I like that. We lived in Palm Springa so we traded one desert for another. But we managed to visit the beach a lot to escape the summer heat.

  3. The beach calls to many of us! There is probably some phycological reason why, but I don’t care why. I just love to see pictures and to put my feet in the sand and look out over the ocean and listen to the waves.

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