And just like that — it’s over

Empty beach in Summerland, California
The final morning beach walk.

All year long I long for our beach days. This year we have a nine-hour drive home rather than the one and half hours we’d drive to and from Laguna Beach or four hours to Santa Barbara. That’s the drawback to our move this past year. Instead of breaking it up into two days, like we did on the way out — we’re going for it. We want to get home. I have extreme anxiety driving and as a passenger, so the drive can feel like torture. But that’s the price I pay to visit paradise.

sea glass and turban shell
My beach haul of sea glass and a turban shell.

On the bright side, I’m ready. I’m excited to be home and pick up Olive the cat. What’s weird is this is the first vacation where I’m returning to my new home — and it feels like home.

I’m anxious to explore more of my new area. And tackle those boxes of stuff I never bothered to unpack that are hidden away in closets. I’m anxious to get back to work on two writing projects I couldn’t find time for at the beach. I’m excited to shop for a ping pong table and to keep the fun and laughter with my husband going.

Today is bittersweet. We went for our last morning beach walk. Played some sizzling ping pong and now we’re packing. Did I mention that I skunked my husband 7-0 yesterday? 🙂

I miss watching Olive and the quail.

What are your thoughts about the end of vacation? Are you anxious to get back home? Or do you want vacation to go on longer? How do you pass the time during a long drive? We are listening to a book on Audible. The challenge is finding one we both want to listen to. Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “And just like that — it’s over

  1. It has been so long since we had a vacation, I have forgot what it was like, almost. We usually are anxious to come home and then I dread the though of unpacking and cleaning up all the clothes. We usually take the MH so it is a little different than other folks.

  2. I always feel like it’s just about time to get home…though I could stay in Hawaii forever. Hate car rides, but I’m a music girl

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