And I was so excited….

Mother daughter at Pike Place Market Seattle
Me and my daughter at Pike Place Market during a mother daughter trip before COVID.

Today I had an appointment for a pedicure. The first one since January 2020. I really didn’t miss them that much during lockdown. I wouldn’t have bothered. But, we’re going to be visiting friends soon at Lake Tahoe and hang out at their house on the deck with lake views. We may be out on their boat and swimming. My feet and toes will be exposed for the world to see.

Yesterday when I went grocery shopping, I noticed a nail salon a few doors down. I stopped in and made an appointment for today. I left the salon with a big smile on my face. A pedicure seemed luxurious. It was something I took for granted in my pre COVID life. My daughter and I would often go together. It was quality mother daughter time, sitting side by side, being pampered, chatting and readings books. I was looking forward to my appointment today.

Fast forward to today and I set an alarm on my iphone so I wouldn’t get busy and miss the appointment. While I was sitting in the pedicure chair, my daughter called. She was very upset and had gotten in a fight with her dad (my husband). I explained where I was and that I couldn’t talk, but I could listen. She was sobbing and I didn’t want to hang up on her. Then I got a text from my husband.

At the same time, my left big toe really hurt. It was painful at every touch and especially during the massage.

Needless to say it wasn’t the peaceful “me time” I had looked forward too. I had quite a lot to say to my husband when I got home. He’s the type that has to “win.” I told him he needs to work on listening to his daughter. He doesn’t need to give advice. He doesn’t need to tell her what to do. He just needs to be there, be quiet and let her talk. He did listen to me and finally agreed.

Then I looked down at my pretty bright pink toes. There’s something awfully wrong.

swollen toe after pedicure
My left big toe that hurt to the touch is swollen!

Next time I’ll skip the pedicure and try something else like reading a book on the sofa. I’ve noticed this toe hurting during my 10,000 steps each day and when I push off the walls swimming. Ugh.

What are your ideas of quality “me time?” I need some new ideas.

7 thoughts on “And I was so excited….

  1. I love my pedicure time, and am still looking for the perfect place to go. My hubby did mine during the pandemic and he did a good job, but the salon paints a little better. I would love to find a good beautician that can cut to style and not butcher my hair.

    • That’s so nice of your hubby! I loved my hair dresser in CA. I finally went here in AZ and hated it!!!I made an appointment in CA in August and won’t let anyone touch my hair until then.

      • I understand, it is really hard finding a good one that doesn’t break the bank! I have been cutting my own since the last time I allowed a hairdresser to “style” my hair. It is naturally wavy, and I color it myself.

  2. 💜 Pain in toes and other parts of the body may be Evolution and Ascension Symptoms as The Light Body actives and starts to grow and develop


  3. Alas, pedicure is top of my list. Massage. Finding a cute coffee/tea shop. Botanic garden. Window shopping stores I would never buy from

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