My super crazy, unbelievably busy August


Waffles at the beach

Thank goodness I’m almost through with a momentous August. Usually, my Augusts are quiet and peaceful with countless hours reading books by the ocean or a mountain lake. But not this year. It’s been by far the craziest couple of weeks I’ve lived through.

Here’s a replay of the past few weeks:

• My husband’s pre-op nightmare battery of tests where they kept ordering test after test so he can have his shoulder surgery tomorrow. This is an entire story in itself that includes a cancer scare that I may write (complain) about on another day.

• Our dear friend passed out at the gym, having a blood clot lodge in her carotid artery causing a stroke—the morning we were driving four hours to see her.
 She spent a few days in ICU and after a few days was released and went on beach walks with me.

• My son’s girlfriend’s car accident on the day they were coming down to see us at the beach. The next few days helping them find a car. Eventually, they made it on vacation with us—in their new car.


The VRBO we had for one week in paradise.

• Finally, a one week’s beach vacation. Gone in a snap.

• Driving up the mountain to move the RV back to the desert with a friend to help us drive it down the twisty, windy roads. It wouldn’t start by the way. The batteries died. I asked to borrow jumper cables and then a truck because our car has a “weird-ass” battery that can’t be used to jump a car.


Big Bear Lake at the RV Park and Marina.

• Next, we drove to AZ to my daughter’s new house. My husband flew from Phoenix to Salt Lake City so he and my daughter could drive a U-Haul for 10 hours with her worldly possessions through flash floods and monsoon winds. I spent two days cleaning the dusty, dirty house until I was exhausted. But, I did have lil’ Waffles by my side the entire time.


They arrived in the U-Haul after a 10-hour drive.

• We hired movers to unload the U-Haul because of my husband’s upcoming shoulder surgery, plus my daughter’s distance-swimmer shoulder. We were told about a website where you can hire two guys for two hours for moving, which I did. Guess what? The movers didn’t show up!
 I’m currently trying to get a refund.

• We spent Sunday putting together Ikea furniture and unpacking boxes before making the trek back home.


My kids body surfing during one relaxing moment at the beach.

What could we squeeze in next? Shoulder surgery tomorrow and I get to be nurse and caretaker. Then I’ll return to AZ and help my daughter get settled—and bring the things I forgot to pack on our last trip–like her work wardrobe! Whew! No wonder I’ve been stressed lately.

What was your August like? Did it seem crazier than usual, too?

6 thoughts on “My super crazy, unbelievably busy August

  1. Youve certainly had more than enough! I pray all goes well with the surgery. After that all will fall into place. I send a healing hug to your hubby. As for you my friend, its okay to invest in a good bottle of red wine.🤗😘

    • Thanks for the healing hug and the wine suggestion. I’m sure he’ll be great after the surgery. I had him put it off until I got healed from my skiing accident knee surgery! Only one patient allowed in this house at a time!

  2. Wow! Sometimes we just seem to get caught in a rough spell like that. My husband wrecked on his bike a couple weeks ago and has a shoulder injury. For now PT, but we’ll see….. And I cut my ankle to the bone on a rock in the river over a week ago. That developed an infection that is slowly improving with antibiotics and removing stitches for drainage. How’s your knee? I have to remind myself to be mindful of it, it’s feeling that good. And I approve of the wine idea also!

    • I’m sorry about you and your husband’s injuries! That ankle sounds terrible! I’m making progress on my knee and although I notice it all the time, it’s so much better. I’m going to PT only once every two weeks after months of twice a week. Thanks for commenting and take care!

      • The ankle is much better and the hubby is improving with PT. And after 6 weeks of wildfire smoke we’ve had several days with blue sky above! Things are looking up 🙂

      • That’s all good news! I stepped outside this morning and it’s the first time I’ve felt cool weather in Palm Springs since May! Things are looking up here, too.

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