Week One After Surgery and I’m Feeling Good!


The mountain where one bad turn and I’m down since January 2nd.

It’s officially one week since I had surgery after a ski accident. It’s been a long haul from the slopes of Utah early January to my home in Palm Springs with several trips in between including my daughter’s final dual meet in Salt Lake City and the PAC 12 championship swim meet in Federal Way, WA.

I was diligent about physical therapy and I can honestly say now how important that was. I’ve been told not to put weight on my left leg and I have to jump up from the sofa or chair on one foot and I have no problem with that. The toughest thing for me is getting around with a walker and one leg. I move the walker a few inches, hop on one leg and repeat. I’m going nowhere fast!

I asked my husband to get me crutches so I could whip around the house. He did and I hate to say it but the walker is easier for me to move around than the crutches. Both really, really hurt my upper arms. Yikes! I hurt more in my arm muscles than in my carved-upon-knee. But, I’m getting stronger and just think how strong my arms and stroke will be once I return to the pool.


My view isn’t that bad!

So, what do I do all day? I sit on the sofa with the remote control, my laptop, and several books. I haven’t felt up to writing until today. So, I’ve been reading lots. I’ve read an Ann Patchett book, Taft, and recommend it whether you’re laid up or not. I haven’t felt bored despite being confined to a small space in the house. I guess that’s because I’ve never experienced boredom–at least not as an adult. Maybe I was bored as a child from time to time, but I don’t remember that feeling. There’s always so much to do that I haven’t gotten around to yet–and need to accomplish. I don’t have enough time to do everything. Whether it’s interviewing people, writing stories, rewriting a novel, reading books, hanging out with friends, doing the taxes, cleaning out closets–there’s a heck of a lot to get done.

One of the blessings of being hurt I’ve discovered is the support from family and friends. I can’t tell you how many calls and texts I’ve gotten with people offering to help out in any way they can. It’s really brightened my days and makes me appreciate the people in my life.


Olive helping me recover by cuddling on my lap.

How have you passed your time when you’ve been injured or sick?

6 thoughts on “Week One After Surgery and I’m Feeling Good!

  1. So glad to hear you are on the up and up.
    You will be 100% in no time! Remember to keep taking I️t easy!

    One thing you might want to do is catch yourself up on the NBC show, “This is us.”
    I’ve never watched that show, but I️ hear everyone singing it’s praises!

    • Thank you for the good wishes, Hollie! I feel like I’m ready to get up and walk without crutches or a walker, but that’s not what the doctor ordered, so I won’t! Thanks for the tip on the TV show. I’ll check it out.

  2. Glad your surgery went well and is now in your rear view mirror. Normal to be tired and lose energy quickly. Your body is putting its resources towards healing rather than external angagement. So plenty of rest is important.
    My last surgery was a shoulder repair. So I could walk, but had very little use of my dominant hand for the first few weeks. I discovered audiobooks and podcasts then, I liked having someone “read me a story “. Best healing wishes to you!

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