Things Are Looking Better Every Day: A New Lease on Life



Where I swam today in the Palm Springs City Pool. I got to see my Piranha Masters friends, too.

Thanks to a new knee brace, I have a new lease on life. Who knew that a new knee brace could make me feel so good? Thank you, DonJoy and DOC! The new brace allows me to take my morning walk. Albeit a shorter one, but I’m outside walking around the blocks in the neighborhood getting a mile in. Once my confidence comes back, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle my walk through my neighborhood to the park and back again. I was walking four miles each day before my ski accident, but starting at a mile isn’t too bad, right?


The first knee brace I had, restricted my movement and gave me some support. Although it was right for that immediate turn of events, now I’m moving to recovery and more strength. The new “DonJoy” brace is higher tech, more supportive and allows a bigger range of movement. Hence, the walking! I’m supposed to hang onto this brace and wear it skiing over my ski pants….if I ever attempt to return to my former favorite sport.


My new friend, the “DonJoy Fource Point” ACL brace.


Also, I had a doctor’s appointment this week and I had a list of things to discuss. I told him my PT said I could walk in the pool, which has been so enjoyable for me feeling weightless in the water. He said with a smile that he agreed also. Then I asked when I might return to swimming. He said I could swim right away! No breaststroke, but definitely freestyle and if my flutter kick hurt, to use a pool buoy.

My PT, who is a former D1 collegiate swimmer, told me that was great news, but not to overdo it and definitely don’t do flip turns. More good news. Flip turns don’t work for me anyway. I’m happy to swim from end to end of the pool, stop, turn around and push off again. I tried it today and the feeling of getting back in the water and swimming was totally amazing. I was apprehensive but it was okay! Hey, it’s not that bad! I swam 500 yards and walked 500 yards in the pool, which isn’t much, but it’s a start!

I have more to look forward to in my life now besides the lovely PT exercises. I don’t really dread them, but I have always been an outdoor person. It’s wonderful to get outside again and live a bit of my life.



The backyard isn’t so bad. But, it’s nice to expand my world.


If you’ve recovered from an accident what are the little things you remember the most?

4 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Better Every Day: A New Lease on Life

  1. Hooray for progress! So glad that your new brace is freeing you up to do more of what you like! I’ve recovered from injuries and surgeries several times over the years. For me, I’ve found appreciating every little bit of progress to be helpful. Also, to avoid comparing my pre-injury performance to where I am in my rehab. comparing a subtle way of devaluing your experience and progress.
    I’m coming up now on 3 years since shoulder surgery. I’ll have a formal post on that soon, but I’ll share one of my favorite bits, as you’re a swimmer.
    Once cleared to get in the pool, I started swimming. It was a big deal when I could fully extend my shoulder with a kickboard support–took several weeks. Did a lot of kicking back and forth.
    Eventually, I was ready to try a little freestyle. I got about 15 meters down the pool, paused, massaged my shoulder while treading water, and then finished my first 25 meters. I was met at the end of the pool by the head guard, who wanted to know if I was okay and did I know how to swim? Both humbling and amusing for this former lifeguard. I now can swim 1600 meters pretty routinely. That’s progress!
    Best healing wishes to you.

    • How funny about your swimming story! I felt so insecure yesterday when I took my first strokes. I expect with more days in the pool my confidence and distance will improve. It’s true that every little bit of accomplishment is boosting my spirit.

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