Inflation on my mind

Where we’ll be having dinner in a few days.

Talking with friends on the phone or chatting with neighbors, one thing comes up in conversation — inflation. I decided to start cooking more meals without protein and I’ve concocted a few delicious dishes with beans and rice. I figured it would be healthier and less expensive.

I ran out of rice and was shocked to pay $11 for a small bag of rice! Occasionally, I like to have cream cheese on toast for breakfast. I didn’t look at the price when I threw it in the cart. I almost passed out when the cashier rang up my 12-ounce tub of cream cheese for $8.50! Don’t get me started on gas, but when we moved to Arizona at the end of 2020, gas was $2.10 a gallon. Now it’s over $5.

We are headed south to Mexico for a few days. I’m excited because we are taking my son’s girlfriend with us. My son procrastinated on getting a passport, so he’s not joining us. However, once he found out his girlfriend was going, he did get the renewal going. Guess how much it cost to get a new passport expedited? $250.

I’m looking forward to beach walks, a dip in the gulf of California, hot jacuzzis followed by a cold plunge pool. Sitting on the patio reading, while listening to birds singing.

Plus eating out where a prime rib dinner complete with chowder or salad, baked potato and veggies cost $15!

What items have you seen with prices that surprise you?

How has inflation changed your normal routine?

Do you think we’ll go back to paying lower prices for food or gas?

Prime rib dinner in Mexico for $15. I also will be having lots of seafood.

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  1. Food prices are insane. I’m buying as much as I can from farmers market because I really want to support local, and I’m trying to find good deals.

  2. What items have you seen with prices that surprise you? I bought a bag of my favorite brown rice and it was almost $7. Not as much as yours, but I had the same reaction.

    How has inflation changed your normal routine? We no longer spontaneously stop for a cup of coffee or a fast drink anymore. We remind ourselves we can have them at home for a fraction of the price.

    Do you think we’ll go back to paying lower prices for food or gas? I think the prices will get lower, but not as low as, they used to be. Let’s hope I’m wrong though.

    • My husband likes basmati rice and I think it’s more expensive than brown rice. We also don’t go out for coffee or out to eat much. I sure hope prices come down, but not sure it will happen.

  3. The price of everything has gone up! A year ago, we were spending $350/month on groceries (organic veggies, pasture-raised meat/eggs, mostly local) and I just about fell off my chair yesterday when I saw we spent $780 on groceries last month. Our diet and habits haven’t changed, and I’ve actually reduced meat significantly in that time. It doesn’t feel sustainable, and I worry about low-income folks and can’t imagine how much they must be struggling.

    The Federal Reserve keeps printing money to stimulate the economy, which in turn devalues the US dollars out in circulation, so I personally think prices will continue to creep upwards indefinitely. It feels as if the middle class is being squashed.

    • That’s a huge increase. We’ve cut way back on meat, but I feel like it’s not helping money wise. I worry about my kids who are 27 and 30 trying to make ends meet.

      • I feel the same way. We’re trying to cut back, but there’s only so much we can cut. I’m fortunate to be making okay money, but I really don’t know how younger people are managing.

      • We bought a small freezer from Costco a year ago. My husband wanted to stock up on meats because he was sure prices were going up. I’m glad we did!

      • We did the same several years ago, stocking up when things go on sale. The chest freezer is a game changer.

  4. $7.38 for a pretty small bag of red seedless grapes! I love grapes for snacking and I put them in chicken salad. Nope- no way! I plan my meals around the deals at this point and being mostly vegetarian, most of the time, my choices are really limited. Our farmers markets haven’t opened yet or have few choices right now until later in the month.

  5. I go to Aldi’s, Publix, Save-a-lot, Winn-Dixie. We are not paying $7.38 for a small bag of grapes, but yes prices have gone up. We will still to to our favorite Russian Restaurant tomorrow for an early dinner. Our appetites are smaller, so my husband is imitating a lot of my food buying habits-buying in smaller quantities and if I see a good buy, I buy more than 1 picking up on his habits. I shop around for the best buys and we are fortunate to have many choices nearby.

    • I have none of those stores near us. I have Safeway, Fry’s and AJ’s which is a family-owned high end expensive store. You’re lucky to have those choices.

      • Yes, we once visited a Kroger’s in Georgia. I really liked that store. I used to enjoy Albertsons but that went out of business here.

  6. I guess it depends on what you spend on. The other day in the pool, the ladies were talking about trips to Europe for the summer, etc. and at the same time pursuing a farmer’s market nearby because the prices were cheaper. Yes, but the farmer’s market veggies and fruits spoil quickly because she buys in great quantity. We will buy seafood but in small quantities and forego the trip to Europe, for now.

  7. I’m with you, Elizabeth…and the comments that others have shared. It seems to a situation where prices have doubled or tripled for some items. I think the most recent shocker was a purchase of apples – we get a small bag at Costco to have around to feed the wildlife (I know that’s controversial, but the deer and squirrels love them) and a tiny 3-lb bag that once cost a couple of bucks was $8. I’m not sure why…I mean they weren’t fancy Fujis or anything special. It reminded me of how often I’ve been amazed by the cost at checkout and haven’t paid attention to individual items and higher costs. Wowza…it adds up. But, but, but…. I’m excited for you — the view that’s waiting for you looks stunning. Enjoy every moment! 🥰

    • No kidding! I was talking to my 91-year-old dad and he said his gas bill at his house doubled, his food bill doubled as did his home insurance. Any increase they give to Social Security will not cover that.

  8. Coffee beans have gotten crazy expensive, too. I think corporations have gotten so powerful and there are near-monopolies in so many areas that consumers are just getting screwed. We hear complaints about income redistribution through taxes (i.e. subsidizing poorer people) but what about income redistribution via inflated prices (i.e. subsidizing the rich)?

  9. Wow – I saw strawberries the other day for $10 for an organic pound and it made me really glad that I was growing some at home. I’d love to buy organic more but with the price – it’s just too much.

    What a beautiful picture – I hope you have a wonderful time!

  10. My food bill has doubled. I went food shopping for one meal the other day and spent about two hundred dollars. What the hell? It’s crazy. Enjoy your trip and eat all you can at those prices. Hugs, C

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