The desert in bloom

Yucca in bloom

A yucca in bloom at the entrance to our neighborhood.

On my morning walks, I’ve noticed some beautiful blooms. We had a temperature swing of 30 degrees the past few days and I wonder if the flowers will wilt immediately in the heat? I decided yesterday to take photos to share the blooms while they are here.

A hedgehog cactus in bloom.

The hedgehogs have different colors of blossoms.

I hope all these buds bloom in the next day or two and it’s not too hot for them to make it.

According to my desert plant guide, these yellow flowers are Lemmon’s Ragwort.

I think Spring is my favorite season with all the wildflowers and the neighborhood coming back to life.

What is your favorite season and why?

36 thoughts on “The desert in bloom

  1. My favorite season is Florida. By the way, those plants have been in the desert for many centuries, and know the weather patterns better than we ever will, so it is unlikely the heat will cause a wilt. Probably the opposite.

  2. Love the pics — especially the yucca! It looks huge. 😉
    I love Spring…we’ve seen a big swing in temperatures here — it will 80 today – and everything’s popping…including our reluctant lilac bushes. And the ability to open windows? Let fresh air in? So, so good. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth – hope all the blooms fare well!

  3. Autumn for me EA! Most of the allergies are gone, it’s not too hot usually, and the changing colors with cool mornings are so lovely to look at. If I had my choice I would keep late summer/autumn all the time.

  4. Beautiful. I like the Lemmon’s Ragwort. Seasons right now in Florida is a little cooler and the start of the rainy season. This is good! Not as much work watering the garden.

  5. Many varieties of desert flowers will open up at night and close during the day, so consider taking an evening or early morning walk to check them out. The blooms usually last a few weeks before falling off. Your pictures are beautiful!!

    As for seasons, my favorite is probably autumn (specifically, the last two weeks of November), followed by spring (around March, when the weather hits ~75-80).

  6. Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves on the trees morph into glorious colors, apples are fresh, and the humidity is over. That being said, I like your photos of spring flowers. The colors are gorgeous.

  7. I enjoy the spring and the fall the best because the weather is so mild, but I have to say, I’m often enamored with the season I’m in especially during the summer and winter due to all the traditional activities. I’m enjoying your desert pictures, such beautiful blooms, brings a smile to my face. The desert has its own unique beauty that’s for sure. Thanks for bringing it to us. Hugs, C

  8. I love the hedgehogs! Beautiful! Is Scottsdale a little higher elevation and cooler? My parents had a place in Tucson and it was such a lovely climate! ❤️❤️❤️

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