Critter bearing gifts

This is the courtyard at the front of our house close to sunset time.

Every morning we leave by the front door to go on our walk. We’re always surprised at what we find.

Every morning without fail, we receive little gifts like this at our front door.

We decided to move the camera I got to the front door so we could see who or what is doing this. Our bet is a rabbit.

This is what the camera captured. But I haven’t seen what is leaving the bits of cactus and plants yet.

What are your guesses? Do you think it’s a rabbit or someother wildlife?

46 thoughts on “Critter bearing gifts

  1. Possibly the wind. Your entryway creates a wind tunnel, bringing stuff in with no where to go once it hits the door. Your camera may not pick it up as an “event”. Just a guess.

  2. Keep that camera rolling. My curiosity is triggered. As for the wind depositing these goodies … no. Too selective. Who/whatever is doing this wants to keep you nourished so you keep taking care of things there. Welcome to the “Neighborhood!”

    • Maybe, but I see four things deposited, some edible, some not. These are things that would be in the yard and captured by wind, and would be deposited in the same place because the eddy ends in the same place every time. Anything else would trigger the camera. The camera caught the rabbit, so it would surely capture chipmunks and rats, but not light vegetation brought in by wind.

  3. What a beautiful sunrise photo! I’m totally cracking up that your “security” camera is providing so much wonderful amusement for us all. Thank goodness for the cable company providing something you are using for great entertainment.

  4. That is a lovely entryway. My husband showed it to me this morning. I was busy doing another editing of my novel and totally engrossed. I have been working on it since 9 this morning. I love how my husband catches all the details. I am wondering if next time I can use this skill and he can help me with editing. Hmmmmm……

  5. That’s hysterical! I can’t believe some little creature is leaving you gifts everyday! Love that the camera’s capture the wildlife. Oh and, I love the image of sunrise. Beautiful. Hugs, C

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