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Yesterday morning something odd happened. My blog post that was scheduled didn’t post. I had a small message in red type that said “Missed schedule.” That’s the third time it’s happened to me. I’ve made mistakes more frequently with my scheduling, like selecting p.m. instead of a.m. But how does WordPress miss a scheduled post? I thought it would happen automatically?

I want to know if that’s happened to anyone else?

Other questions I have for bloggers:

Do you schedule you posts in advance? How far in advance?

Where do you get your ideas?

What are your most popular topics?

What is a post you wrote that surprised you with the number of views and comments?

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  1. I schedule mine- only a couple days in advance unless I’m having company or going on vacation and don’t expect to have an opportunity to write. Then I will schedule a few more in advance for that time. I’ve never seen that little red notice. I don’t post as often as you do, so maybe I just haven’t given WordPress as much opportunity to glitch. 🙂

  2. 🤔 Well, it all depends on which electronic device that I am using to blog on; if I am using my laptop computer and I schedule my blog post, it will be published on the time and the date that I scheduled it for.

    However, if I schedule a blog post via the WordPress Mobile App and I schedule it, it may or may not be published at the scheduled date and time (Unfortunately, when it comes to scheduling blog posts, the WordPress Mobile App is not 100% reliable).

    I have never received in a message in red that stated, “Missed schedule”.

  3. I schedule my posts in advance, I get my ideas from everything and everywhere to be honest. I write about things I am currently doing or interested in. My most popular posts are my blogging advice posts.
    WordPress misses my scheduled posts every once in a while. It happens to most bloggers I have talked to that schedules their posts and it’s super annoying.

  4. Most of my posts are pre-scheduled. I find topics by jotting down ideas whenever I get a good one. For my photos for the WDYS prompt, I’m always collecting images.

  5. Great questions.
    I’ve never scheduled a post because I’m afraid I’ll forget about it and it’ll throw off my routine.
    The topics come to me at random or from other bloggers. 
    My most popular posts are ones that make other people feel seen. Human interest posts are the best kind of posts. We are more like than we are different.❤️

  6. I’m very sporadic. I do much better when I have a challenge to follow, like the A to Z in April. Other than that it’s usually once or twice a month. I’d like to do more but somehow don’t make the effort. I have never scheduled posts in advance but I have written drafts and then post them when it is time. I don’t think I could keep up with every day.

  7. I never schedule out. I write, I post. Immediately. Most of my ideas come from observation of the stupid around me. It provides an unlimited supply of things to say. I have few followers, but they are dedicated, so I am never really surprised by the follow on comments.

  8. I don’t schedule often, no real need 90% of the time as I never know when I’ll be posting! Never had a problem though when I do schedule. My ideas come sometimes from other bloggers posts- things I might want to expand on, but mostly from life- stuff I’m doing, seeing, family… Since I have no real formula when I blog I never know what the comments will be like but I think it helps to write about what you know. It shows in the writing and how approachable the topic appears to be. I also think other people like to see posts that they can relate to. Those encourage responses more often than not.

  9. I never schedule posts, I’m not that organized. I usually write them a few days before I post, which is every Wednesday morning if at all possible. I get ideas from the various ups and downs in life, personal experiences, adventures, or my observations. I hate to admit it but my most popular posts are stories about Larry and his crazy antics. He seems to be my most popular topic! Crazy as that sounds. I was surprised by the popularity of the post where I described Larry’s experience of buying a truck. That was a surprise. How about you? What are your best sources of inspiration? Hugs, C

    • I loved that post of Larry buying the truck! I wrote a post about my mother and one about my daughter and college graduation that still gets read. I wrote those six years ago! I’d say it’s my family for inspiration — but they’ve told me to never write about them 😃

  10. Yes, I’ve had problems. I’m now mostly writing my posts the night before and scheduling them to post at midnight or a few seconds later. I go to bed late so usually check after midnight. A while back it said “missed schedule” and last night it didn’t post but didn’t say anything. So I posted by hand. What the…?

  11. I’ve never had that happen. I too usually schedule only a few days in advance. I’ve always worried about losing something if I schedule too far out. If I’ve had problems, it’s usually been user error, me confusing dates on the calendar. Hope things get straightened out for you!!!!

  12. I schedule in advance…normally two days, but for example when I went to visit my daughter I had some posts I’d scheduled farther in advance. I get post ideas from all over the place, things I see or experience personally, something someone says in comments, a quote I read in a book that intrigues me, stupid stuff my husband says, just my life. Currently I have Monday through Thursday ideas out to March. The things I’m writing about now are august ideas.

  13. I always schedule my posts a few hours in advance. Sometimes, however, WordPress only publishes them if I open the app 😑. To answer the other questions, I like to write reviews of books and cartoons but also poems and unpublished texts. I try to put a little bit of myself into all my posts 😊

  14. Some answers:
    Do you schedule you posts in advance? YES

    How far in advance? Sometimes MONTHS

    Where do you get your ideas? LIFE’s HAPPENINGS

    What are your most popular topics? Usually, the ones about relationships are popular.

    What is a post you wrote that surprised you with the number of views and comments? There was something I wrote on a layover in between flights that I thought wasn’t that great. It was about letting go. People seemed to have really liked it.

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