Letting go….or not

My daughter’s pug Waffles on our “chaise and a half” at our old house.

When we moved, we debated about moving the chaise lounges we’d bought decades before. To me it wasn’t a debate at all. They were coming with us. I had memories of the kids piling on me when they were young. I’d sit and stare at the stars from the chaise lounge with Angus our yellow lab laying next to me.

My husband had other plans.

The chaise lounges arrived in our new backyard and I was shocked when I removed the weather covers. The upholstery was starting to shred. A friend of mine had re-covered them twice through the years. The third time, she made slipcovers from Costco towels (see photo above). You didn’t need a towel, because the covers were towels!

Those were starting to shred also. It was time to get them redone, but unfortunately my friend with the upholstery/sewing business didn’t move with us. Since we moved out of state during the shut down, I didn’t know where to get the work done. They sat for another year under weather covers.

One day, I was sitting by the window writing and I saw a chipmunk running back and forth with a big white fuzz ball in his mouth.

I went outside to see where he was going and what the fuzz was. I saw him run under one chaise lounge.

I took off the cover and there was a giant hole where the chipmunk had been busy stealing the stuffing for their nest somewhere in the surrounding desert.

This week is bulk trash pick up. I decided to get rid of the chaise lounges. We obviously haven’t sat in them once since moving.

But then I thought, I’ll get rid of the cushions and get new ones made. If I don’t get around to it, I can take the chaise lounges to the curb on the next bulk trash date.

I dragged the cushions down to the curb. I was wearing work gloves but cactus spikes went right through the gloves into my fingers. That little chipmunk dragged bits of cactus onto the cushion with the hole.

My friend with the sewing business told me where to go in Phoenix to get the cushions made. She suggested keeping the undamaged cushions to have them recovered and then only having the one with the chipmunk hole thrown out and replaced.

So I dragged the salvageable cushions back up the driveway…

My extra wide chaise lounge with the Coscto towel cover.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of inanimate objects that hold dear memories.

Do you have trouble letting things go? Or not?

26 thoughts on “Letting go….or not

      • My wedding dress falls in that category. I kept hauling it around in that big box we get from the dry cleaners. FINALLY, I realized, I did not want my daughters to wear my dress. They should have their own. So, I had them come over. They both tried it on, we took pictures. Of course, it was NOT their style, but we had GREAT fun taking pictures of them in MY dress. THEN, I hated to do this, but I had quite a few bows on my dress and sparkles in different places. I cut those pieces out. For Xmas I went to Michael’s and found a cute little tin container. Inside each container, I gave my daughters one of the SMALL bows with a picture of me in the wedding dress. I said, “Here’s a little something from my wedding dress. When you get married, you can put this bow on the inside of your dress. I will be with you.” DONE – gave the rest of my wedding dress away, no more big box. I found it so annoying.

      • Yes, and because it was “so sweet” I don’t miss my wedding dress. Amazing that I had that wedding dress in a box for over 30 years. It takes up so much closet space. LOL

  1. We just had to help my mom-in-law move from her home to an assisted living facility. Cramming a houseful of memories into a one bedroom apartment wasn’t the easiest. We took A LOT of stuff to a donation site. It was easier for me to let go of things because I didn’t have the attachment she did.

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