Handy tool for plants

A money tree I recently brought home from the grocery store.

I have never been good with houseplants. I think it’s because I grew up north of Seattle where everything grows and then as an adult moved to the desert. I don’t get how to grow anything here. I never got the hang of it.

I was talking to a friend over the summer of what to do with my house. It’s going to be two years that we’ve lived here come December. But I never finished the decor inside. My friend suggested warming it up with plants. Easy for her to say. She lives in Santa Barbara where it’s damp and cool. Plants are abundant and lush.

My kids are very good with houseplants. My daughter can grow a plant from a cutting. Their living spaces are filled with green. I showed my daughter a few of the new plants I bought. She immediately sent me a link on Amazon to a tool she said would help me.

Moisture Meter.

This is very handy. You stick it in the soil and it instantly tells you if your plant needs water. I was losing one plant, the leaves were turning black, and my daughter told me I was over watering. With this Moisture Meter I discovered the soil was wet. The pot wasn’t draining. I quit watering it and the plant is still alive.

So far so good.

My daughter told me to occasionally shake the fiddle fig from the stem to imitate strong winds.

In my old house of 28 years, I never had a house plant that lasted more than a few months.

Are you good at growing things? Do you have any tips to share?

26 thoughts on “Handy tool for plants

  1. I may need to get this. I kill plants all the time. There is a quote coming tomorrow about killing plants. 🙂

  2. I’ve had the same spider plant and a peace lily for years. I’ve also had people gift me succulents of different varieties and I kill them almost instantly. I always over water them. I simply don’t allow succulents into the house anymore. If you ever need any of your cacti killed just call me. They will be gone in a flash!

  3. I once went to Wally World and bought a beautiful silk plant to pretend I knew how to grow indoors. It died on the way home. Outdoor plants? Yeah…we have a lush botanical garden. Indoors? Nothing survives my touch.

  4. I’m good with plants, but I’m not so good at offering plant advice! LOL My best suggestion is to stick to plants that are difficult to kill. Snake plants, ZZ plants… You can neglect them and they will not die. 🙂

  5. My husband swears by his water meter, but he still overwaters the aloe veras! I, too, killed some plant by overwatering. I try to stick with succulents indoors. When I lived in Ohio I did okay with houseplants, but not so successful here.

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