A bit of sadness

Century plant
I’ve been waiting to see this Century plant in bloom. This photo was taken two weeks ago.
Fast growing Century Plant.
Still waiting for the blossoms….Look how much it grew. This photo was taken a couple days ago. My husband said he thought he could watch it growing taller right before his eyes.

I’m enjoying the blossoms on cactus, but they are very short lived. One day there are furious blooms and the next day, they’ve expired.

I’ve been keeping my eye on the neighbor’s Century plant and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t miss the flowers.

blossoms on cactus
Look at the gorgeous blossoms on this hedgehog cactus. Tomorrow they’ll be gone.

You can imagine how sad we felt when we went on our morning walk today and saw this:

Fallen Century Plant before it bloomed
We will never get to enjoy the blooms. We felt like we lost a friend. It also reminded me of our saguaros we lost.

18 thoughts on “A bit of sadness

    • I know! There was also a beautiful tall cactus called a totem pole cactus that fell over in our park, too. I think it’s overwatering or all the rain we had. The roots don’t grow deep because the water is plentiful on top.

  1. Ah, how simple a thing to break one’s heart, but mine pangs as well! It is devastating when a thing of beauty overreaches itself and so comes tumbling down . . .

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