My ears are ringing

Summerland beach
This is where I was when the ringing in my ear began on summer vacation.

Actually it’s only my right ear. Sunday it started ringing so loudly I couldn’t function. I went back to bed and hid under the covers.

Monday morning I called the ENT and asked for an appointment or a prescription. This happened to me during our last day of summer vacation in August. As soon as we got home from our 10-hour drive, I called the doctor. The ENT got me in right away.

Here’s a health tip:

If you experience tinnitus which is ringing or buzzing in the ear, go to the doctor ASAP. I was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss of an unknown cause. The doctor told me that if I had waited more than one or two weeks — the loss of hearing would have been permanent.

The treatment is a heavy cycle of prednisone. It worked last time and the doctor called in a RX for me Monday. I’m literally crawling out of my skin right now, but a few days of discomfort seem worth keeping my hearing. The ringing has stopped. But I couldn’t sleep last night and I found myself listening to podcasts and playing today’s Wordle after midnight.

A friend’s daughter who is in her late 20s developed terrible tinnitus after her second COVID shot. That was last summer and it hasn’t gone away.

Have you experienced ringing in the ears and what did you do about it? Have you had to take prednisone before? How did you do?

13 thoughts on “My ears are ringing

  1. My husband has ringing in his ears all the time but it is from working on machinery in a warehouse. I didn’t know it is something that could be helped with prednisone early. Good to know!

  2. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I have had ringing in my ears as well, but it goes away. I hope the meds help and you’re feeling better soon! Big hugs

  3. I have had ringing in my right ear for years due to an issue with the teeny little ear bones. I have gotten used to it and it hardly bothers me anymore despite that it can be loud. I’m glad you were able to get your ringing taken care of. I’ve also been on prednisone… I couldn’t sleep but got tons done in the middle of the night.

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