The shelves are bare

empty produce shelves at big name grocery store
Empty shelves at the chain grocery store.

The shelves were bare in our pantry and fridge because I packed up a ton of stuff and hauled it to California for Christmas week. I made a trip this morning to the Farmer’s Market and a grocery store only to be disappointed.

At the Farmer’s Market there were only two stands. One for prickly pear jellies and the other for power greens. I wanted my chips and dips plus the veggie guy who also sells homemade tortillas. I’m sure it was because it’s New Year’s Eve, plus it’s supposed to rain.

On to a locally-owned grocery store where they were out of lots of stuff on my list. I backed out without a purchase and drove down the street to a major chain-owned store. I thought to myself, this store is huge and always has everything in stock.

Nope. Not today. I managed to grab the last spinach. Then I found myself not quite in a panic, but feeling this need to buy more than what I had intended. I think this is what is causing the shelves to be bare.

When you see empty shelves, you think you better buy NOW or you’ll be out of some much needed TP. allergy meds, or milk. Also, with inflation raging, I told myself I had better buy now because it will be more expensive next week.

Happy New Year! That’s my tale for New Year’s Eve. Now I’m ready to watch the Rose Bowl.


What are your New Year’s plans? Have you made resolutions? What are they?

Empty grape case at grocery store
Grapes anyone?

18 thoughts on “The shelves are bare

  1. Thank goodness we still have not run into that here in Florida. the empty part at least. It has gotten to the point inflation wise that I need to walk into the grocery store with a pre-approved loan before I can get a buggy.

  2. Last night we went to our friends house…there were six of us plus their two Little’s. Today brunch with two other friends and a trip to Barnes to see if page a day calendars are on sale. And a few goals tucked in there

    • I was surprised to return to Arizona and see the bare shelves. The store was extremely busy, so maybe it was timing on my part to be there before they got shelves restocked. Happy New Year!

  3. We spent New Years with some close friends, and the day before at a wedding! It’s been a crazy few weeks, I had most of my kids with me, except for my son who lives in Lisbon, and couldn’t make it home this year. Happy New Year Elizabeth, xxoo, C

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