VRBO views

stone lion with Christmas decorations
I saw this nicely decorated lion on a morning walk around the corner from the Christmas VRBO.

We’ve left the VRBO and we’re headed home slowly. It took a ton of energy and hard work to pack 12 people and to get the house in shape for the housekeepers. I’m waiting to hear that my son’s car has arrived safely to the Bay Area. They were the last car to leave along with us at noon.

We decided to spend the night with our dear friends who live in the Santa Barbara area and get up at dawn to make the nine-hour trek home. The packing and cleaning left us too tired and too late to make the drive. Plus, I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow. Another storm is currently walloping the coast.

I miss Olive the cat and hope she’s not too angry with me for boarding her. In our new home and her new career as an indoor cat, she’s become very affectionate. I have bonded with this lovable kitty more than ever. The goal is to stop on our way home to pick her up from cat jail before they close.

views of Santa Barbara marina from the Christmas house.
The view from the master bedroom deck in our Christmas VRBO.
View from master bedroom of Santa Barbara VRBO
The master bedroom French doors to the patio with spectacular views.
Santa Barbara sunset.

Happy New Year! I’m ready for 2022. How about you? Are you looking forward to saying goodbye to 2021?

17 thoughts on “VRBO views

  1. I like cleaning up a few things on my list and accepting that next year is not always going to be perfect. That even if I were not at my job and sitting at home writing, some days will be tough. Sometimes I just have to accept my family as they are and let go of expectations. And then there is always baking. Making a last fat bomb before the New Years. Hoping we all move forward.

  2. In my dream last night, I accepted my brothers as they were without judgment and in my mind was already preparing for the next work year-ugh-but taking it all in stride and of course, eating keto as much as we possibly can.

  3. All that view is pretty, but I am skeptical about anyone that uses lion statues as a greeting mechanism. Always though that was tacky. This did not change my mind. Glad you are headed home and got to visit your friends.

  4. I have some fresh planners just waiting to be filled. I usually do that on New Years Even since we don’t generally go anywhere, and especially not now. Love the view from your bedroom.

  5. What beautiful views! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    I’m ready to say goodbye to 2021. I used to be saddened about the passage of time, but now I am relieved to move forward.

    A fresh start always feels hopeful. 🙂

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