What’s going to happen with Omicron?

Christmas family gathering
Here’s our Merry Christmas crowd pre-COVID 2019.

I knew there would be another variant once the first, second and third waves of COVID passed us by. What I’m afraid of is traveling for Christmas. We have plans to go to California for a week and have our kids and our son’s girlfriend’s family join us. We’re a Merry group of 12.

With Omicron officially in California this week, will there be sheltering in place in Calif.? Will there be travel restrictions for out-of-staters like us? This could seriously put a damper on our plans — and be quite costly as well.

Early in the Calif. shutdowns, travelers from out of state were required to quarantine for two weeks. My husband had driven back to his office in CA from AZ to meet with a client and get some things out of his office. He wasn’t allowed in the building without the two-week quarantine.

With the vaccines will things be open? Only time will tell and seriously there isn’t a heck of a lot of time before our Christmas-week trip. It’s past the cancellation date for our Airbnb, too. I’m hoping and praying for the best and that this two-year planned gathering goes forward.

All I want for Christmas is to be with my family.

pug in Christmas sweater
Waffles in his cozy Christmas sweater.

Are you seeing any new COVID restrictions where you live? Do you think things will be normal for the holidays? Do you have plans to travel and would you cancel those plans?

19 thoughts on “What’s going to happen with Omicron?

  1. To answer your last question: I live in Florida, so no, nothing is happening. As for the rest of it, I cannot help you with a solution. Maybe you can go listen to the Eagles Hotel California and get some ideas?

  2. We have our shots, but are not planning on any travels. That said, best of luck with the travel plans for CA. It feels like we are all puppies or kitties asking each other, “Have you had your shots, yet? For a while I wouldn’t allow anyone in my house with or without shots, and later without a mask! I do sewing and alterations. If people got testy, I just said, “My house, my rules!”

  3. I haven’t heard anything so far, EA. Depends a lot on which part of the state you are going to. We are still mostly wearing masks indoors and some places want you to show proof of vaccination/negative test before you go in. Hoping all will go well with your plans!

  4. I doubt there will be a shutdown, certainly not by Christmas. If this turns out to be a mild strain, the usual precautions will be in place. If it’s much worse and the current vaccinations don’t protect (and/or the anti-vaxxers continue to put the rest of us in danger) then you probably won’t want to travel anyway. Doesn’t Airbnb have deadline exceptions for shutdowns? Bottom line, I don’t think our governor is anxious to restrict people if he can avoid it. I hope you are able to travel and enjoy your family!

  5. Thank you very much for this very informative and interesting thoughts, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I have also recently published an article on my blog about Omicron. However, mine was very much a criticism of the media coverage on the new variant which I have found really disappointing. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on my article if you get the chance! Take care and best wishes over the upcoming holiday period 🙂

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