Life goes on… fitbit or not

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert.
Sunset view in our neighborhood the other night.

It’s been over a week without checking my steps and sleep on my fitbit. It went kaput and I wrote about that HERE. How have I survived? Well, the only complaint I have has nothing to do with fitness tracking, but the lack of toilet paper in the grocery store.

In fact, things are better than alright. When I’m on my morning walks or after a night’s sleep, I don’t focus on the device tracking my every move. I know if I slept well or not. I feel I’m more in touch with how I feel physically rather than being dependent on an arbitrary number. I don’t need to know how many steps I take each day. I get plenty. Although my husband still wants to compete. He’ll interrupt my writing to tell me how many steps he has. I look back at him with a blank stare.

Although the fitbit has it’s advantages, I’m not in a rush to get a new one. I feel I’m more in the moment watching the sunset, enjoying my wildlife, swimming, walking. I’m more focused on my surroundings. I also don’t need to know what time it is every few minutes.

I wonder If I’d feel even better if I point down the iphone? Not checking on electronics has its benefits.

We had javelinas at sunset at our front door!

Have you ever taken a break from your devices? How did it go?

How long do you think you’d last without a fitness tracker or a smart phone?

11 thoughts on “Life goes on… fitbit or not

  1. I don’t know. Honestly, data is what encourages me to move. I only workout on an app that records my progress. If it stops recording, I stop exercising. I have another app that counts my steps. I actually walk more than my phone says because sometimes my phone is in the charger. I do use my phone too much, usually 7 hours a day on weekdays and 4 hours on weekends (because I visit my family). Lately I’ve been on my phone much more (10 hours yesterday), but I read blogs and post blogs from my phone. I also keep in touch with friends and family via WhatsApp. My goal is to be on my phone 3 hours a day, but I’m yet to achieve it. I also tend to go on my phone more when I’m stressed out and I’m not really good being alone without my phone, and I’m alone a lot since my son started school. I even listen to podcasts on my phone while I do housework. My thoughts tend to gravitate towards the negative so I’m always stimulating my mind with positive content so I don’t fall into depression.

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