A vacation to recover from vacation?

Carpinteria State Beach, known as the world’s safest beach.

I am guilty of over planning vacations. I did this when I was first married and my husband and I would leave Palm Springs to return to my home state of Washington. I’d bring my Daytimer with me and schedule visits with friends and relatives — sometimes on the half hour.

Honestly, I’m not that bad anymore. But this year, after moving from our former home of 28 years in December 2020, we decided to stop for two days in Palm Springs. It’s on the way to the coast after all. We stayed with my dad, took him out to dinner and spent the next morning with him. My husband had meetings with his boss and met with others (they’re still working remotely). These were the first in-person encounters since March 2020. I visited with one of my former swim parents who remains a close friend. I got my hair done by my hairdresser who needs to move to Arizona. That’s a lot to pack into the “start to our vacation.”

Once at the coast, our VRBO was still 24 hours away. We stopped in with other dear friends that we haven’t seen in a year. We had dinner with them, spent the night and hung out until check-in time.

FINALLY — we made it into our VRBO and said “Whew! It’s time for vacation.” My husband set up his remote station and immediately the phone began to ring. It’s his “week off” which turned into days of driving, meetings and no down time. The rest of the time he’ll be working remotely.

I had scheduled an interview. It’s for a story I’m writing about a swim mom of a 14-year-old who is breaking Missy Franklin’s records. I figured if my husband is working, I can squeeze a little work in, too.

Then I got an invitation to a luncheon tomorrow. My friend said I have to go because it’s in a historical landmark and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I told her I can’t go because although I packed a few sundresses, I only brought a pair of flip flops and running shoes. She told me either one is fine. I begged to differ for a fancy ladies’ luncheon. She told me to check out the two boutiques in Summerland, which are two blocks from our VRBO.

I told her they wouldn’t have my size. I have very big feet for a 5’4″ frame. Guess what? I found two pairs of sandals that fit. They are a bit dressier than my beach flip flops, but probably not dressy enough. I’ll be gone from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow. We have dinner scheduled with friends tonight and over the weekend.

When is it truly vacation? What is vacation? I’m ready for the beach and a good book. I’ve brought a stack of them. If I keep up at this rate, I’ll need a vacation from my vacation. Maybe after a year of mostly solitude, being with friends and family is the vacation?

How do you vacation? Do you over schedule? Or are you able to check out and relax?

15 thoughts on “A vacation to recover from vacation?

  1. I always say there is a difference between a trip and a vacation. Vacation is relaxing and not having an agenda. A trip is when you go somewhere specifically to do things and you have an agenda and usually a schedule to keep.

  2. Depends on where we are going. This past may when we went to Turks it was very relaxed. But our last big trip before that, Greece, was very planned…including planned relax time on Naxos after sightseeing in Athens and running around santorini…

      • Thank you! Today was too busy. I went for a beach walk early this morning. Finished editing a story and submitted it. I went to the Farmers Market with a friend, which I really wanted to do. I ran errands with her for three hours afterwards. I came home tired and am sitting around reading. To me that is was more than I’d choose to do although it’s nice to be with a close friend. Tomorrow is a beach day!

  3. I’m a planner, so I understand you wanting to schedule things! The day timer made me laugh. THAT IS ME.
    When my oldest daughter and I visited California three years ago, I had each day scheduled down to the hour. I think it’s because I am afraid I’ll never get back to these destinations again. I just want to see as much as possible. 🙂

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