Time for a road trip!

Last summer we went on two roads trips. One to Park City, Utah and the other to a tiny town on the California coast called Summerland. We skipped Utah this summer with our big move and all, but we’re heading out to Summerland. First we’ll stop and visit my 89-year-old dad in Palm Desert. Then head to a Vrbo near the beach.

VRBO beach rental near Santa Barbara
This is the cute house we’ll be staying in. The first year we stayed here I had just had knee surgery. I wasn’t prepared for all the stairs or the steep hills.

We’ve stayed in this house for a couple summer vacations. I’m not worried about COVID because it’s just the two of us. I wish our kids could join us as they have in the past, but with my son’s surgery, he’s not allowed to travel. And my daughter is working.

brother and sister photo at the beach.
I’ll be missing these two.

We’ve spent summer vacations since my son was born on the California coast. That’s because the weather is so inviting. Palm Springs and Scottsdale are both hot! I can’t wait for an ocean breeze. The beach vacation is my favorite part of the year. I think a change of scenery and weather will be motivating.

ocean views from living room windows
Ocean views and breeze in the living room

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Are you a mountain or a beach person?

18 thoughts on “Time for a road trip!

  1. That looks beautiful!
    I wish we lived closer to the west coast. It is lovely out there. We’re very close to the Great Lakes here, but not near any mountains.
    If I had to choose, I would pick the beach. I love walking on the beach every morning, listening to the ocean, and enjoying the feeling of being near water.

  2. Oh hell…beach person. That is why I live on the Gulf Coast. Wait…that is not fair. I am a warm weather freak, I am just lucky Florida is here so I can enjoy both. California does not offer me the same comfort because it cost more per sq ft.

  3. Hmmm….I like to see different places, I like convenience, and I don’t cook or clean on vacation. Destination is less important the journey

  4. Cute house and has an awesome view! I hope you have fun. I’m both a beach and mountain person. The nice thing about Lebanon is that the beach and mountain are only 2 hours away. However, I don’t get to go out much because my husband is a homebody. Plus, with the fuel crisis in Lebanon, my trips are further limited.

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