Mixing up the morning routine

A view from my morning walk.

My days are getting stuck in a rut. It’s because of the heat. Last week was really, really not. This week is better. It’s barely above 100 degrees. The heat limits my enjoyment of spending time outside.

I start each morning writing my three pages and then going for a walk. I have to go earlier and earlier to avoid the heat. And my walks are getting shorter, because it doesn’t seem to matter if I walk at 5:30 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. It’s still hot.

So, this morning I decided to get adventurous and do my own mini triathlon. I walked, biked and swam — all within my neighborhood. In reality it was more of a stroll, coast and float. 🙂

But it felt good to be on the bike and get a breeze. I was going to drive to the city pool but didn’t feel like the one-hour round trip drive. So I put on my cap and goggles and swam laps in our backyard pool for the first time. Doing all three things is a great way to start the day.

The downside to my mini triathlon is I got really hungry. I ate too much and am ready for a morning nap!

What are your morning routines like? Do you get stuck in a rut or do you mix it up all the time?

Here’s a fun video of Olive watching quail attack our bedroom slider. The glass is reflective on the outside.

Video of Olive watching the quails through the window.

20 thoughts on “Mixing up the morning routine

  1. You are lucky to have those options nearby. I usually jump up, walk the pug if it is my turn, get on the internet check messages from students and do some grading. Make breakfast. I mix it up with going on a busy highway to my gym sometimes. Last summer, I wrote early in the morning.

      • He is a sweetheart! I take a whistle because we have some big dogs sometimes loose in the area. I won’t tell you what my husband carries when it is his turn.

      • I am afraid of coyotes and pit bulls. We have one neighbor that owns a huge pit bull and a Cane Corso. I no longer walk by her house. I’m terrified of the corso.

      • I understand! I don’t think a whistle will help me much but I walk in well populated areas near homes and if I have to jump on top of a car, I will. A non-moving car. I can understand your fear.

  2. I can imagine being overwhelmed by the heat. I get annoyed by heat in the Midwest. I think it’s because we only get four months of pleasant weather and then we are STILL in our houses because it’s too hot. But this summer, it’s been a pleasant summer. Today is 71 degrees. I hope I’m not making you jealous. You can tell me the weather in your parts in February, deal? 🙂

    • This was our first February in Arizona. It was a little colder and windy compared to Palm Springs, CA. Its was in the mid-60s as opposed to the mid 70s.

  3. 💜 What’s a “Morning” EveryOne, What’s a “Rut” and What is “Exercise” please explain as these ARE NOW!!! Foreign to Me as I Energetically Evolve 🤔 ?


  4. Ok…morning routine: glass of water. 5 minute meditation. Read blogs and answer comments. Make tea. Feed dog. Morning pages. Look over planner and calendar. Write blog. Morning reading. Walk dog. Exercise bike. Shower.

      • I can’t imagine walking in the heat of where you live. The humidity here crushes me and it’s nothing like the high, dry heat that you get

      • I’m just happy that we are north of Scottsdale at elevation 3,000 feet and it’s 10 degrees cooler than Scottsdale or Palm Springs. But at a certain point, hot is hot.

      • It is. It’s definitely growing on me. I’ll spend a week with my kids in the Bay Area and then a few weeks in Santa Barbara this summer to get out of the heat. I am looking forward to seeing them and escaping the heat.

  5. Beautiful SW photo… Again!
    And I love your mini-tri idea. Thank you for sharing your morning with us. I am suddenly feeling inspired to make the most of today’s pre-noon hours🌺

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