Marilyn wasn’t cancelled after all

Forever Marilyn statue downtown Palm Springs
Forever Marilyn was located downtown Palm Springs from 2012-2014. She’s back!

After watching cancel culture go after the Marilyn Monroe statue in Palm Springs, I learned something interesting. A local TV station, KESQ TV, took a survey of residents on their opinion of the 26-foot statue unveiled last night downtown Palm Springs amidst supporters and protestors.

Here was one of the questions:

“The statue will be a fun and free attraction for visitors and residents of Palm Springs.” The answers came back with an overwhelming 86% agreement vs 12% disagreement.

Survey shows what residents think of ‘Forever Marilyn’ statue’s return to Palm Springs

Isn’t that interesting? Despite protests and voices against the statue — because some think it’s misogynistic and sexist — most people don’t agree and find it fun and something they like. It makes me believe that the voices wanting to get rid of our past, cancelling Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, Gone With the Wind, etc. are only aa handful of people. They are not the majority. But they are very vocal and often win out. I see a lot of our corporations being afraid of being canceled and they cave under pressure.

Here’s another question from the survey:

“The statue is offensive and should not be displayed in our City.” The survey ended up with a 13% agree to 83% disagree ratio among those who participated.

Here’s a video from the unveiling yesterday with protestors and supporters:

What are your thoughts about cancel culture? Do you think the people wanting to get rid of our past are in the majority? Or are they a small group of people?

12 thoughts on “Marilyn wasn’t cancelled after all

  1. Hurrah !
    Marilyn is back.
    People advocating ‘cancel culture’ are in the small minority, but they are, as you say, very vocal, and bossy.

    We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated by them. ⚘🤗

  2. 💜 Take Offence at This AnyOne; then don’t read it again and stay from Me:

    🧡 1 Numbers Don’t Tell The Whole Story
    🧡 2 Minorities Often Force Change
    🧡 3 “Marilyn” like ALL Ladies is as Sexy as Fuck (pun intended)


  3. I think they are an extremely loud minority. And you know I think cancel culture should be the only thing cancelled

  4. We should keep all our statues and other things that tell our past, but let us tell the TRUE HISTORY of them. Our history is what we were, and we need to see and remember it, so we do not go down that road again.

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