Was it really one year ago?

pretty kitty with flowers
Our cool as a cucumber cat helps keep me calm.

It was a little more than a year ago that COVID-19 was hitting our daily lives. We had no idea what was heading our way. Our kids got orders to shelter in place a few days before us. They live in the Bay Area and we were in Southern California. A year later, my husband got his first shot and I’m scouring through pages on my computer to find an appointment for me. Once we are vaccinated will our world open up? Will I want to be in crowds? Or has this isolated lifestyle become something I won’t want to shed?

This is what happened to me mid-March 2020:

I was doing okay, but yesterday when my kids called me and said they were under mandatory “shelter in place,” I started to panic. I’m wondering if the world will ever get back to normal? They were working remotely in my son’s house in the Bay Area.

The mandatory shelter in place started today. Yesterday they were told to prepare to be home for at least two weeks. My daughter is working remotely and decided to get out of the city and drove home last night. It’s so nice to have her home! I wonder how long she will be here?

Waffles the pug with flowers
Waffles the pug came home, too.

My dad agreed to let me grocery shop for him and I found everything he needed except for toilet paper, of course! While I was driving from his home, my daughter called and Waffles, her pug, ate something and was trying to throw up, but nothing was coming up. I told her to call a vet and I got really stressed out again! She called back in tears and said that the vets she called would NOT take new patients in their practice due to the Coronavirus! I was in the car and while she was talking to me and I noticed a big white pick up truck on my tail! Then he swerved in the lane next to me, and started yelling and screaming, giving me the finger. He threw a milkshake at me! It hit my windshield and the car was covered. I’m still shaking.

What in the h*ck is going on, folks? Is this really the time to become completely unhinged?

White truck throws milkshake at me
This is the guy in a white pick up truck with a Home Depot trailer who threw a milkshake at me.

Let’s take a moment to breathe some fresh air, calm down, take a walk and enjoy your families. And love up our dogs and cats, too!

What are some of your memories from one year ago? Did your area shut down or did it stay mostly open?

10 thoughts on “Was it really one year ago?

  1. Cute kitty and puppy !
    Here, on our island, when the pandemic started, the police were told to ‘detain’ anyone suspected of being a tourist on our island.

    Hopefully things will be closer to normal for all of us soon. 🤗

    • Isn’t that scary to stop people for being tourists? What was weird about Palm Springs is the tourists poured in every weekend from Los Angeles.

      Thanks for the comment about our Olive and Waffles. Waffles ended up in the emergency hospital later that day. They were the only vet we could find that would take new animals. He had eaten poisonous berries in our back yard. He survived!

  2. This last year was scary, and most of us that survivied have been scarred for life. We should be free to roam after getting our two shots, but the urge to grab our mask and gloves will live with us for a long time. BTW we still use mask and gloves, and wipe everything with disenfect wipes.

    • We have our supply of gloves, masks and hand sanitizer at our back door. My husband and I went to a farmer’s market a week ago because it was outside and everyone was required to wear masks. I was freaked out with how crowded it was and we quickly left. I especially think the kids and young adults will be scarred for life. They gave up so much.

  3. So I was replying to your comment just now on my site and the minute I started typing it trashed it..(although I can’t find it in the trash!) This has happened to me before as I reply- has that ever happened to you? Anyway..thanks for the comment on my Target trip from Hades, I guess we’ve all been there right?..HAHA. Regarding the dude with the milkshake..I mean seriously..who does that?? I always wonder..is that person married? do they have kids? what if his grandma saw him do that?? The lady from Newfoundland saying they had to keep their eyes out for “suspected tourists” brought me back to us eyeing all the New York plates in Florida with suspicion as they all started running south..absolutely crazy times.I sure hope we never go back..

    • I have lost comments while typing. I guess my fingers hit something they’re not supposed to? I enjoyed your Target post so much. It brought me a well-needed smile. I think I was probably driving slow listening to my daughter panicking about her pup. But what a reaction the guy in the white truck had. People are nuts! And the COVID shut down brought out the worst in them. I totally get the NY plates thing in FL. We would spot all the tourists coming into Palm Springs from LA. They all dress like tourists. Little flowery dresses, sandals, the guys all have the same hats. While the locals are in shorts, teeshirts and running shoes. They flooded our little town for the entire year.

      • I think a lot of our “refugees”decided to permanently plant the flag here..probably where you are too. I think what happened in cities not only with covid but with the violence and unrest and quarantines was just too much to bare. Ugh..so awful. About that comment deleting..I always imagine I’m doing something wrong, but lately..I’m thinking it’s not actually me.

      • Palm Springs was flooded with people moving out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Working remotely allowed people the freedom to move and live in cheaper areas with more space. Our home value went up by 50% so we sold and moved to AZ while we could! Maybe you’re right and it’s a glitch that deletes comments…

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