Foodie Friday

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  1. Hmmm….I’m always trying new places, but I have a few places that I crave….mollys for a burger, Maali Thai for this soup they have, han dynasty for Dan Dan noodles and what they call dry chicken, turkey club at S&P

  2. Where are your favorite places to go out to eat? Here’s the thing… during the lockdown portion of the pandemic our favorite places either went out of business or changed their menus completely. Goodbye fish house and Italian place with fire-grilled pizza and upscale bar with a 100 beers on tap and local cafe with American cuisine.

    Do you have a go to place? What is it? Not anymore. 😞

  3. Oh my….all of that looks yummy…even for breakfast! I can’t think of a place that has better ambiance that what you described. Thanks for sharing! 🥰

  4. We had some great Indian food when I was in Colorado from Total Vegan Indian. I had Gobi Manchurian- chickpea battered cauliflower in a tomato sauce. It was amazing

  5. Everything looks delicious.

    I love all of the local restaurants here, which are mostly Greek-owned but serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They aren’t technically diners, but they are comparable. They have everything on the menu and it’s all SO good.

  6. I like the shawarma place near my house. Very clean and delicious. 4$ for a sandwich so good prices too. I used to go to mcdonalds a lot whenever they had an offer, cz otherwise it’s expensive (8$ a meal without an offer). In Lebanon, a dollar is currently 90,000 LL when it used to be 1,500 LL

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