A month of care

A jade plant I bought myself the other day. I’m hoping the bunnies stay away from it.

I made a commitment that July was going to be a self-care month. It’s because I have a physical, blood work, EKG and minor surgery scheduled throughout the month.

Why not be the best I can be and pass all my tests with flying colors?

My husband and I embarked on a new schedule. We’re up before the sun rises to get out the door for a three-mile walk. Add to that, we’ve been consistently going to the YMCA for swims three days a week.

We’re taking a cacophony of supplements which I have no idea if they are helping or not. I’m cutting out excess sugar, starch, wine, diet coke — and my beloved white cheddar cheetos (once the bag is empty of course.)

The new early morning schedule makes me tired. I keep thinking I’ll get used to it, but between the wee early mornings and heat, I feel exhausted.

Then add to that, my vision is fuzzy. I have trouble reading books, looking at the computer, and spotting my golf ball. I had my annual eye exam and my optometrist sent me to an ophthalmologist to schedule a YAG procedure. It’s a simple and easy laser treatment that should restore my once perfect vision.

Right before COVID shutdowns, I had cataract surgery. I was born with extreme myopia and astigmatism. My Rx for glasses and contacts was a -16. In case you don’t know, that’s really, really bad.

Then things got worse. My growing cataracts had me seeing three stop signs stacked like a pyramid. And yes, I was driving!

Fast forward to cataract surgery and it was a miracle! I came out with 20/20 vision. I only needed a slight correction for astigmatism and reading. That was Winter of 2019 — but now things are fuzzy in my right eye. Today things were really extra fuzzy. I held my glasses up to the light and discovered the lenses were smudged. Oops.

According to the doctors I’ve seen, a membrane grows over the implanted lens and a quick laser treatment will get rid of it once and for all. I was surprised to learn that this happens to 40% of cataract patients!

Sunday, July 2, my second day of self care — I woke up with a pulled muscle in my butt! I’m stumbling around in pain and skipped my morning walk. July 1 we swam, so maybe I did something then? Who knows. So far, my month of health is off to a rocky start.

What special plans do you have for the month of July?

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  1. I too had to have YAG after my cataract surgery. I hope whatever the problem is would be diagnosed and treated soon. Hugs. Be sure to rest and take electrolytes

  2. I’m learning that things “go out” for no reason- or at least no obvious reason. A muscle in my neck was twinging all day yesterday starting when I woke up. Was I doing weird things while I slept? My hamstring will still give me issues on occasion from 2 years ago when it went wonky all on its own in the Denver airport. My body has its own agenda EA and I just have to adapt day by day 😉

    I remember being told about the film after my cataract surgery almost 7 years ago. So far so good but I’ll be interested in what you can share after your procedure is done 🙂

    • I am still in pain today but suffered through my walk. Yes, my body has its own agenda! Good way to put it. I wasn’t told about the film before my cataract surgery. Then during the shut down the doctor retired.

  3. Oh no!! Well, a few weeks ago, I had bad pain in my upper right arm. Then it shifted to my left neck shoulder area, sometimes down my arm. It would come and go. I had been lifting weights, not so heavy, but at our age, one FALSE move and we get pain. ANYHOW, the pain has FINALLY “almost” gone away, not completely. So, I feel for you. I think we have to THINK positively; otherwise, we are like an old car, more things will go wrong. LOL

      • I don’t think it is just getting older. We are living in a strange environment, air quality has been bad in Chicago, food even organic can’t be trusted, so many possibilities for not feeling well. I really don’t think “getting older” can be blamed for all of it.

  4. As a poster above said, ‘at our age one false move’. I don’t know your age, but I am finding that true for my age. I somehow injured my back and hip. I requested the doctor send me to physical therapy. I really had little hope for help, but my goodness, the simple exercises the therapist put me on have made an enormous difference! I must have been in pain for a long time, not realizing, until now I am not. I’m slowly working to strengthen me now. I love being able to move! God bless you and all for good health.

    • Thank you. I’m 63 and I haven’t had these random pains before. I did have knee surgery after a fall skiing and I did a lot of PT to get over that. I’m glad your physical therapy worked so well for you!

  5. Do you think that your body is trying to tell you that self-care is a pain in the a**? 🙂 It sounds like you have a wonderful regimen and a great focus for July. Why is self-care so darn hard? You’d think our mind would be all for us taking care of itself and the body but instead it (speaking for myself) sabotages the efforts. Sending best wishes that you pass all your tests and minor surgery with flying colors!

  6. I woke up thinking I need to change my diet. I just don’t feel good. I’m really glad June is OVER. Though July might be worse, who knows? I’m working on taking life one day at a time and being thankful and trusting God no matter how awful things are.

  7. I love your intentional focus on self-care. I’ll be working on slaying the sugar demons, as always, and sweating on my spin bike. Hope you’re back to your morning walks soon! 😉

  8. That a lot of vision issues! Glad it was fixable and your sight is better. Best wishes for excellent outcomes on all the medical stuff.

    I have three bird-banding days; restarting my writer’s group this month with some new members added; going to live theater for the first time in ages; hopefully good progress on the current book (I’m getting rather tired of it, actually).

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