Happy Fourth!

We went to a Fourth of July pool party on Sunday, so today will be a quiet day, me and hubby, going for a walk and grilling burgers.

I spotted two interesting sights during my last walk.

First was this lovely pink blossom in one of our pots in our courtyard. Because our temperatures are well over 100 degrees, most of the blooms have faded away.

Then I saw two desert kingsnakes. They aren’t venomous and they eat rattlesnakes, so I guess that’s a good thing they’re hanging around our neighborhood.

I hope you all have a Happy Fourth of July!

What are your plans today?

31 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. Some potato salad, some chips, ice tea and honestly EA- hoping Washington doesn’t make the current news for major wildfires started by all the fireworks. It’s already such a hazard. Enjoy your burgers!

  2. Love the sights from your walk, Elizabeth though I admit to not liking snakes much. We are going to watch the fireworks on Lake Union from my brother’s boat. Happy Fourth!

  3. Such a pretty flower. My hubby works at the fireworks booth all day and then he brings home some of the safe and sane ones which we shoot off in front of our house. We’ve done that for years. Some friends come over but it’s not a big picnic type thing so I have no big mess to clean. Happy 4th

  4. A quiet night in, other than fireworks outside! Lunch with a writer friend. Lots of catching up over a 4 hour lunch. Very hot here, looking forward to the rainy weather promised tomorrow.

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