Bird Views

A return of a cardinal in our back yard.

Good news! The solar panel roof of my AI bird feeder with a camera arrived. I ordered it in January after a covey of quail leaped onto the bird feeder and it fell off the fence into the wash behind our house.

The tiny metal piece that plugged into the camera from the cord to the solar panel broke. It seemed like it would be an easy fix, but the Bird Buddy folks said my only option was to order a new solar panel roof and they’d give me a discount. I waited until June for it to arrive! In the meantime, I charged the camera every few days in the house.

I’ve been disappointed with my birds because two species are bullies and take over. White winged doves and mourning doves. They literally sit at the feeder and eat until it’s empty. So all my photos and videos for the past few weeks have been of big gray birds. I would get the occasional house sparrow which was a welcome treat.

Sunday morning I was shocked and thrilled to see a Cardinal! YAY! Here’s a video:

Video of a Northern Cardinal. It think he’s quite young.

I’m also enjoying a few families of quail, even though our nest of eggs never hatched.

Here’s a video of quail mom, dad and babies visiting our yard:

Quail family in our backyard.

Here’s a House Sparrow getting a turn at our Bird Buddy

What do you have planned this week to enjoy the world around you?

34 thoughts on “Bird Views

  1. Gorgeous pics!! Hmmmm…I’m going to see a movie tonight, and I’m going to the farmers market later…I guess that’s a little bit of seeing the world

  2. That’s hilarious that mourning doves are bullies there! They are so passive here! The bully birds in this area are red-winged black birds.

    This week, I’m going on a lot of walks to explore the world around me.

  3. The quail seem to be totally in charge given their numbers. That’s quite a crowd. I find the same here with the squirrels. A group of at least 8 were in the yard this morning. It’s been fun to watch the young ones grow- and they grow really quickly.

    • We have chipmunk families but no squirrels. I remember so many squirrels at the UW campus as a student. I was sitting on the grass to study and a massive amount of squirrels charged at me!

  4. What beautiful videos, Elizabeth. I think those doves need to learn how to read. It’s “Bird Buddy” not “Bird Bully!!” So glad that you got your solar panel and are sharing these beautiful views with us!

  5. I never thought much about birds being bullies, but it makes sense. Bullies in the bird world too. Some of the little birds need to get their big brothers/sisters to come and set the doves straight. Everyone gets five minutes of Bird Buddy Fame. Ha, ha.

  6. I’m so enjoying your bird videos and thrilled your cardinal came back! I love your bird bullies. I get such a kick out of watching the morning arrive and the sounds the birds make as they wake. We’re headed back to the lake at the end of the week to celebrate the 4th of July with the family! Can’t wait. Hugs, C

    • That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th! We are thinking of exploring new areas of Arizona in the mountains with lakes. But if it’s not much cooler than here, I’d rather stay home and visit when it’s cooler. I’m glad you enjoy my Bird Buddy videos. They give me such a unique look.

  7. Loved the cardinal video! I’ll be out at the bird banding station at 5:20 tomorrow morning. That’s my big nature event this week. We were camping last week and I was astonished when a pocket gopher wander right over – not too smart considering our two dogs. I did get him/her safely on their way (I hope).

    • Isn’t he lovely. The females lack the bright colors and don’t seem to get their turn at the Bird Buddy feeder. Yes, I do see them first thing in the morning and in the evenings.

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