Early birds

House finch enjoying birdseed at my Bird Buddy.

The early birds I’m talking about aren’t these gorgeous creatures in my backyard. I’m talking about me and my hubby.

We’ve become the couple we used to laugh at. You know, the ones who have dinner at 4:30 or 5 p.m. to save money. Now, when we go out, we go early to take advantage of early bird prices that end at 6 p.m. Only these days, it’s no longer called “early bird specials” but “happy hour.”

A neighborhood couple invited us to dinner for restaurant week that features three-course meals at reduced prices. We declined because their reservation was too late for us! It was at the wee hour at night of 6:30 p.m. To be fair, my husband works in the financial world and he’s on east coast time. His work day begins three hours earlier than most people out west.

This is the state bird of Arizona, the cactus wren.

It’s gotten hotter the past couple weeks. I began setting my alarm so that I’m up before sunrise. We’ve changed our walking schedule to avoid the heat. We are heading out the door before 6 a.m. — which also makes us early birds.

One of our neighbors told us her method for walking. (Who knew you needed a method?) She turns right out of her driveway and continues to walk on the right side of the road. By doing that, she said she hits every road and cul-de-sac in the neighborhood — and ends back at her front door. My husband and I have been random walkers, going whichever way our whims take us. But this week, we tried it and not only does it add a little distance to our walk, we’re seeing streets we were previously missing.

I wrote about successful people who are early birds HERE.

What are your thoughts about early bird specials and getting up early?

A video of a juvenile Cardinal.

55 thoughts on “Early birds

  1. I see early birds all around us. I am told the humming birds also come out early, so if you are out at the break of dawn they might visit your feeder. We also eat early.

    • Interesting, and I’m glad to hear that: our dinners are getting earlier, too, and I’m liking it! In fact, back in the day, when we went on cruises that had set sitting times, early was sitting was a must-have, there’s no way we’d do “late sitting.”!

      and thank you for the video/photo and new trivia: I thought that the cardinal was the Arizona state bird, I live and learn!

      • I thought the cardinal was the state bird two until this week! I’ve only lived here two years though. I’m cooking dinner and it’s 4 pm 😁 I’m happy you like my bird selfies.

  2. I tend to be an early bird, waking at 5 or 6, but I feel for your husband. My colleagues are on the east coast and those occasional times I need to be online and alert at 4 or 5am can be brutal!

    • He’s done it for so many years that he’s used to it. It was brutal for me when we were shut down in 2020 and he was working from our master bedroom! The phone would start ringing too early for me. I like our Arizona home because he has an office.

  3. We have the same type of red house finch. I love them.

    I’ve noticed that I’m eating earlier, but this varies from day to day. I understand the desire to get there at a restaurant early, but for me, it is to avoid crowds.

  4. Thanks so much for linking to your fab post on the topic of successful early birds. We follow a similar ‘early to rise’ schedule around here. We can’t help it. And you made me chuckle about declining a dinner invite at 6:30. You mean we’re not alone? Tonight, we’re having dinner with friends at 7pm! As much as we’re looking forward to it, I told the hubs we both need naps today since we’ve been up since 5am. AND the older we get, the more I feel the ill effects of eating too late in the day and too close to bedtime. Sluggishness = sleeplessness. Love that you’re getting up early for a morning constitutional and that you’re varying your route. Simple tweaks – joy! Thanks for the sweet bird pic, too. LOVE! 🥰

  5. I’m so glad it’s finally warming up here so I can get up and walk first thing. I love being out early in the morning.

  6. I love your pictures of birds interwoven with this post about early birds! And I’m with you about getting up early. There’s something magical about morning! <3

  7. Love the pictures of the birds. Really cool view. As far as being early birds, I have to laugh. The corporate world (yes, even the financial world) talks about how we’re so much more inclusive now, and many respects it is, except when it comes to time. Always East Coast. Always based on the market close or open. I would try to schedule meetings based on Central or Pacific time or even God forbid for coworkers based in Australia, but the meeting times would always revert back to EST. Sort of funny how that works.

    • I’m glad you enjoy the birds. It is EST and my husband’s world revolves around the market open and close. His east coast clients call first. A few hours later he’s talking to west coasters. Australia would be tough.

  8. Love the picture and video of the birds, thank you for sharing..interesting that the state bird of AZ has the word cactus in it🙂. Early mornings are beautiful.

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