Life in the desert

Cardinal on cactus.

Cardinal visits daily to our back yard this week.

I was trying to cut down our cable TV Wifi bill. I went to the closest store a few weeks ago and asked them for suggestions. Their answer was odd, but they promised to cut one-third of the bill if I purchased an outdoor camera.

What? By purchasing a camera that could be used at the front door like Ring, we would save the price of the camera each month. Although it made little sense to me, I agreed.

Our monthly bill did go down by the cost of the camera. Next month, I’ll be ahead.

Instead of using the camera at the front door, I set it up on the back patio. I’ve been hoping to catch some wildlife. I wasn’t disappointed.

Check out the videos below of wildlife:

The bobcat appears at about 15 seconds in. After he leaves the scene the rest of the video is dark. No need to watch any more of it. I’m afraid I don’t know how to cut out the clip of the bobcat.

Quail in the backyard.

it’s not the best quality of camera, but if I get more shots at night of the bobcat, I’ll be thrilled.

My dad sent me a video from Phoenix of a bobcat inside someone’s home cuddled in on the dog bed with toys. The bobcat entered through a doggy door. Unfortunately, the dog was badly hurt, but is surviving after surgery. The video is included in the CBS story below. Click on the link HERE.

Arizona resident comes home to bobcat in dog’s bed

A homeowner in San Manuel, Arizona, came home after work to find a furry creature in her dog’s bed – but it wasn’t a pet. It was a bobcat, believed to have come through the home’s unlocked doggie door.

The homeowner snapped a photo of the bobcat lounging in the bed and the Arizona Game and Fish Department shared the image on Twitter, warning residents not to handle wildlife like this themselves.

Officers with the department did arrive at the scene, but the bobcat had already escaped when they arrived.

What wildlife do you have around you? What are your thoughts of the cable company offering a lower price for buying a camera?

53 thoughts on “Life in the desert

  1. First off, I just detest cable companies and their fees and their “suggestions” on ways to lower a bill when they could simply not charge ridiculous prices to begin with. Okay, that rant is over! I put nuts out for the squirrels on my porch. I have a feeling that if I put some inside the door and just left it open they would come in then see me, get scared and confused and start running around the apartment trying to get out. Squirrels, I’ve noticed, are not the smartest of creatures!

    • I agree with you on cable. My kids have never signed up for it. But they have to go through the cable company for WIFI and they get charged too much. I’m happy we lowered the bill and I’m enjoying the camera. But we are exploring other options for TV.

  2. Wow — that video footage is stunning! And the story about the bobcat making himself/herself at home through a doggy door is chilling. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth — looking forward to more wildlife footage…BUT…I’m with you about the ‘gaming’ of cable costs. Next time will they offer you a new dishwasher — because the “universe” knows that was a weak spot in your household a few weeks ago. πŸ™„ Shivers. But — cheers to you for making good use of the camera! Love that!

  3. Very Cool. Our community FB page, members regularly sahre the bobcat videos. The other night when the moon was full. I was outside with the Frenchie. She trotted out into the yard to do her thing. I was a couple steps behind but under the pergola when a huge horned owl swooped down over the dog. The dog dropped to the ground (we had a couple inches of snow so she was nearly burried). The owl either decided the dog was more than it could handle or it saw me. But damn. Wild life can be wild.

    • Wow! You’re lucky with the owl and your dog! When we moved here, our cat was an indoor outdoor cat. My neighbor told me to never let the cat out. She wouldn’t last an hour.

      • That’s too bad. We have all those creatures here too plus hawks. A cat or small dog doesn’t stand a chance. Our cat escaped twice, but I got her back in quickly. I think she can sense the danger.

      • We have hawks as well. During the winter one was in the tree outside our living room window. We watched it enjoy a finch it caught. We have 3 cats, none go out after dark and none are out un supervised. Ever try to supervise a cat?

      • I bought a harness and leash for mine. She was able to pull out of it and run around the house. It terrified me. I opened all the doors and she ran into the first one she could find. We had a hawk crash into a window carrying a quail. There was a giant crack the full length of the window. The hawk flew away.

  4. Wow, cool shots. The bobcat would worry me! You mentioned hawks too. I’ve been seeing a lot of hawks and other large birds. I always worry when we let our dog go outside. In fact, I’ve been going outside with her, because I suspect they see her as a small snack!!!

    • It could take a second for your dog to fly away with a hawk! I watched a hawk pick up a quail and crash into our window. The windows are reflective on the outside, so the hawk thought he was flying away. As for the bobcat, they are so beautiful to watch. I’ve heard they’re very afraid of humans. I hope that’s true!

    • That is scary. We have coyotes here and we had them downtown Palm Springs, too. A girlfriend of mine was walking her yellow lab in PS and it got attacked by a coyote.

  5. There is a recent story of a Florida homeowner and he opened his door because he heard noises at night only to be bitten and attacked by an alligator. I think it was Fort Myers. I often open our door at night to peer out if I hear something. I think I might be more careful.

  6. Wow – what interesting wildlife you have. Too bad about the poor dog who was injured by the bobcat.

    I love that you used the cable company’s promotion to capture the scenes you want. Great thinking!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love the bobcat! So amazing what happens just outside our doors at night that we don’t know…now you do! Great camera by the way!! I can’t wait to see if you get more bobcat sightings!

  8. That’s so interesting? Like LA, I want to know what the catch is. Let us know if the bill actually goes down. And brilliant idea using it for capturing wildlife. I hope the bobcat keeps his distance. Hugs, C

  9. Our bill did go down by $100 a month. We may break with cable, but then I don’t know if the camera will work! I haven’t had any more exciting bobcat sightings. I like the bobcat from inside the house. They are so gorgeous. The javelina I can do without!

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