Looking back

We spotted a rainbow yesterday afternoon. It looks like the pot of gold is in our backyard.

My blog is a living record of my life because I often post about what is going on in my daily life. I looked back on this date for the past three years. Last year, I wrote a post called “No more drama for the momma.” That’s a title I could have used this week!

But the story was about me worrying about my daughter who had COVID and her pug Waffles who got into a trash can and ate chicken bones.

Waffles is incorrigible and was back to the vet this week. They haven’t figured out what he ate, and hopefully this too shall pass. Literally.

In 2021, we had a snow day. I posted a video of snow flurries. I think it’s a possibility this year, too. Flagstaff and Sedona are getting tons of snow. My kids in Berkeley said they may get snow as well.

We weren’t on shutdown mode yet in February 2020. We had no idea what was about to hit us. I was writing about sports parenting.

We went to a wedding in Colorado that year the second week of February. There were people attending from all over the world. After we were back home, living in Palm Springs, I got a call that the father of the groom was on a ventilator with COVID. He was a physician who worked in a hospital and most likely got COVID at work. He survived thankfully.

I remember getting sick a week later, but didn’t think it was COVID. Who knows? That was before testing.

It wasn’t until mid March that my kids were told a mandatory stay-in-place (or shutdown) was coming. They had 24 hours to prepare. My daughter decided to drive home and the three of us all worked from home — my husband in the master bedroom, me in my son’s former room and my daughter in her room. Waffles of course ate things he shouldn’t in our backyard and ended up in the ER.

What were you doing around this date during the past three years?

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  1. Such a good question…hubs and I were just talking about this…three years ago I was a busy girl and wrangled three work trips into one month (which was a lot for me – jetting across the country three times) and I remember noting the increasing number of passengers wearing masks when I flew home on March 10, 2020…having little awareness that a week later our college would go into lockdown…like the rest of the country…and then close…for months to come. We had no idea what was ahead. Love your reflections…and I’m sending good wishes for the adventurous Waffles…and thank you for the rainbow. Stunning! 😎

  2. Last year would have been 3 months retired, so that also means the years prior were probably the ramp up to Covid and working 5, sometimes 6 days a week as we lost staff. It’s hard sometimes to think about just how recent all that was. It seems to be ages ago until I really think about it all.

  3. I have to go back and look, but March 20, 2020 sticks out in my brain. I believe it was a Friday. As I was leaving work on Thursday, my boss told me that we were going to start working remote for a few days. Turned out to be longer than a few days. In February, I’m not sure I was even all that aware of Covid. My work was so busy, I was just trying to keep up. Yes, it is interesting looking back and seeing how far we’ve come. I love the rainbow in your back yard. What’s it trying to tell us? We gotta keep reading to come across our Pot o Gold. Ha, ha.

  4. I remember 2020, when I was visiting my daughter and grandson in Seattle. The first case of Covid was reported in March and then there was a 2 week lockdown. I was stuck in Seattle for 6 months as no flights were available from there. In the end, I traveled to LA and got a flight from there to Dubai and Lahore. It was one of a kind trip.

    • Yes, the first case was in the county where I grew up. Then the nursing home that had all the deaths was five miles from my mom’s assisted living. We were so frightened and I couldn’t fly up to see her, or go inside if I could get there. At least you were with family for six months!

  5. Last year we drove to Denver in a snow storm to pick up a puppy. STUPID! I know, but I’m good at doing stupid. Year before that we flew to RI for our son’s wedding and the year before that, we flew to MD to see friends and get a seafood fix.

  6. I was back in the public school district filling in for a VE teacher on leave and working with a good Administrator who left at the end of the year. The school and times were challenging but he was good unlike my admin this year. I stayed on site in Florida.

  7. I don’t recall February specifically. Last March we went on our first flight and trip out of the country since 2019 (to St. Maarten). 2021? Who knows. Early March 2020, I went to the Durango Independent Film Festival, just under the wire before lockdown!

  8. Probably being angry….but I will say, my life is now at pre Covid busyness. I made plans with three friends last week…for three weeks from now. Schedules are once again full

      • My husband gets hectic because he never looks at his calendar, nor remembers to write things down, then all,of a sudden he’s packed with things. I’m very deliberate about what I put in my calendar,..I have certain days I try to see my friends and my life is really routine…but you don’t want to get me on a conversation about planning

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