It’s cold out there!

Teddy Bear Cholla

Teddy bear cholla down the street.

Monday we had snow. Tuesday it was 30 degrees when I got out of bed. I skipped golf on the snow day and I was feeling sluggish due to lack of exercise.

My husband and I bundled up Tuesday and took our usual walk around the neighborhood. Although it was so cold, it was bright and sunny and we didn’t die! In fact, I felt so much better after getting out and moving araound.

This is about the Teddy bear cholla or jumping cholla:

Teddy bear cholla, or jumping cholla (C. bigelovii), is native to northwestern Mexico and the southwestern United States and is sometimes cultivated as a desert ornamental for its showy golden spines.

I guess they’re called Teddy Bear because they are fuzzy looking. But they are not cuddly. They are a hazard. They’re called jumping cholla because they throw off little bundles of spines. If you accidentally step on one or brush them with your shoe, they may go all the way through your shoe to your foot.

My husband spotted this teddy bear cholla in front of a neighbor’s house. He pointed it out to me because of this:

In the center of the cholla is a bird’s nest. What a perfect place to keep eggs and chicks safe!

What’s the weather like where you are? Is it colder than normal?

What do you think of birds choosing a cholla for their nest?

12 thoughts on “It’s cold out there!

  1. I think, and hope that those baby birds are going to have to learn to fly on the first try! Falling out of that nest, even though low to the ground, could be deadly! Our temps are dropping up here for next week- back into the 20’s and low 30’s but no snow predicted at this point.

  2. Our weather in the Philly suburbs has been super-weird this winter. After our coldest Christmas in 30 years, it has been rainy and 45-50’s most days. We had snow flurries January 23rd, and it was the first snow we’ve seen all season. We have had a few instances where we’ve been this deep into winter and had no measurable snow, but to have no snow at all has truly been odd. That bird’s nest in the cholla was a great catch!

    • I sure didn’t spot that bird’s nest. We’ve had weird weather too! Today our power is off due to a planned upgrade and I’m bundled up in the house in a sweater and coat!

  3. Aww on the cholla and nest.
    I am impressed that you took a walk out in the cold , but yes it can be invigorating. Just hard for me to do in the winter time.
    Our winter has been more mild than usual and afraid I am going to jinx myself by saying that. LOL!

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