Just what I needed

Waffles the pug

My daughter’s pug Waffles.

I’m back home and I feel so much better mentally than when I left. I was wallowing in grief after my mom’s sudden death. I found myself aimlessly wandering through our house, alternating between tears and shock.

The six days with my kids was like a healing balm or salve that my heart needed.

What did we do? I was busy with my son, making his pour-over coffee, overnight oats, grocery shopping at my favorite Berkeley Bowl. I walked Waffles, played Scrabble, went to lunch and shopped with my daughter on Fourth Street, enjoyed time with my son’s fiancee and family. They lost their father several years ago and I felt their empathy and understanding.

The mushroom aisle at Berkeley Bowl, my favorite grocery store.

I was busy most of the time, I felt needed, and I felt my mom is in a better place.

We watched good movies including Metropolitan and Nausciaa of the Valley of the Wind. The voice of the Princess in Nausicaa was done by Alison Lohman, who is a local Palm Springs girl. She was in my ballet class more than 25 years ago. I’m always interested in watching her movies.

The food in the Bay Area is so much better than in Scottsdale. We ordered in most nights because of the storm. We had Japanese, Korean, Mexican and take out from Berkeley Bowl.

My son’s charcuterie with cheeses, salami, prosciutto, blackberries, grapes, crackers and comb honey.

If you find yourself in a funk — not necessarily grief like I’ve been experiencing — how do you get out of it?

16 thoughts on “Just what I needed

  1. OMG- I could literally LIVE in that store. That’s amazing. It may not help me much if I was deeply grieving but it would be a distraction for sure. I think Waffles would be a good companion in those times of sadness.

  2. I try to get in the studio. I am missing it so much now that I’ve been helping transition my MIL down here. Hopefully by the end of the week she’ll be settled in her new digs and I can get out there. It definitely helped last year when I lost my mom.

  3. Funk…doesn’t happen all that often but when it does, I am verbal. I process out loud. Everybody grieves differently. I have had waves of grief come back to me 20 years after the fact, triggered by a photo. Seeking out a small handful of people whom I respect and have empathic hearts, has been the most helpful for me.

  4. Soo glad you were able to enjoy yoursel and feel your heart soothed! โค
    Love the name Waffles and he is too cute! Dogs are great stress healers.
    When I am down and out I chat with friends or my sister, pray Journal , listen to music, or escape into a book.
    My best stress antidote is the ocean but unfortunately I can’t run there real easily as its not closeby.

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